Cass Sunstein, Healthcare and The Constitution

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

In June, the YourDaddy’s Politics blog broke the news of comments made by Obama’s “Regulatory Czar,” Cass Sunstein, on his views on healthcare and The Constitution. I’ve re-posted it again here because this story really needs to get out there…

I want to open your eyes to a concept. The concept of basic human needs. Food, water and shelter. These three items are by far the most important things to human existence. Right? So if these are the most important items to sustaining human life, keep in mind you can live without health care, then why is health care a mandate? The fact mankind walks the earth still today is proof of that we can survive as a species without health care. The same cannot be said for food, water and shelter.

You should be aware of Sunstein’s words on this very subject. These words need to be applied to the upcoming court battles that will take on the federally mandated ObamaCare law. Cass Suntein’s own words in this video should play a role in how those hearings go. These words particularly from this man should help move America closer to a repeal of the ObamaCare law.

The video is from an interview that took place with Cass Sunstein on Nov 13th, 2005. It has particular importance when understanding his reasoning about basic human needs and his derisive view of the Republican Party point of view. I think it is clear in the fact we are having to sue the Federal Government to repeal ObamaCare shows the Obama Administration’s disdain for the Republican party and quite frankly the vast majority of the US population.

Cass Sunstein states “But I think it would be a huge mistake, an abuse, a form of arrogance for the Supreme Court to understand the Constitution to require everyone to have food and a place to live.” “What I am objecting to is an approach to the Constitution that reads it to reflect the views of the Republican party.”

So lets look at this. The legislated or Congressional mandate to call for a ‘right’ to food and shelter on its face would be an arrogant abuse of power. Hmmm…

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