Financial News Update – 09/30/10

“All Hell Could Break Loose” As Central Banks Step Up Purchase Of Rival Nation’s Bonds

Deutsche Bank: Here’s How Low Treasury Yields Will Collapse When Fresh Money Printing Starts

There Are Ugly Headlines In Ireland, Spain, And Japan, And STILL The Dollar Is Getting Hammered

Strategic Defaults Are Real, Growing, And Scary

Companies Have Now Cut So Many Jobs, That Managers Say Business Is Starting To Break Down

The Fed Is Sucking Billions Out Of The Private Sector, And Some People Think It’s A Good Thing

CHART OF THE DAY: The Fed Has Finally Bullied Hedge Funds Into Buying Government Bonds

The First Look: Your 10-Second Guide To What Happened Overnight

RUMOR: Spain Is Faking Its GDP Data

Consumer Metrics Institute: Canary In The Economic Coal Mine?

Initial Jobless Claims Beat Expectations But Are Still Too High

Rich People Trading Caviar For Big Macs As Fast Food Consumption Spikes 24%


Confronted over raising taxes

China rich make ‘generous’ gifts at Gates, Buffett dinner

USA ‘Practically Owned’ by China

Irish Deficit to hit 32% of GDP!

India Launches Project to ID 1.2 Billion People

‘Slavery’ uncovered on trawlers fishing for Europe

MCDONALD’S May Drop Health Plan; Seeks waiver from ObamaCare

Stocks Set for Best September in 70 Years

Dollar Set for Biggest Monthly Loss Since ’08

More families, friends move in together due to dismal economy…

Stuxnet ‘cyber superweapon’ moves to China (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

In a Computer Worm, a Possible Biblical Clue (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Hinde Capital’s Ben Davies: Currency Interventions Mark End Of Dollar Era And First Step Toward War

Mans Slams A Cement Mixer Into Irish Parliament Building As Austerity Protests Erupt Across Europe

Hey, John Paulson, Please Explain Why You Think House Prices Are Going To Skyrocket — Because We Don’t

Austerity Protests Rock Europe: Check Out Explosive Photos From Spain

The Next Step In The Currency War: Capital Controls And Tariffs

Ireland About To Tack On €5 Billion More To Country’s Anglo Irish Bailout Bill

Here’s Why The “Recovery” Feels So Much Like A Depression

The Reason Why Americans’ Debt Is Falling Is That People Are Defaulting Like Crazy

Germany FINALLY Pays Off World War I Debt

America Will Lose A Trade War With China Because It Desperately Needs Rare Earth Metals

Source Reveals Why Hedge Fund DE Shaw Had To Cut 150 Staff

Bank Of England’s Posen: Choose Either Money Printing Or A Lost Decade Of Growth

China Is Now Making Silent Power Grabs All Over The World

Cigna, Restaurants Seek Low-Wage Health-Plan Waivers

Pentagon Loses Control of Bombs to China Metal Monopoly

AIG Announces Plan to Repay U.S. Rescue With Stock

Emerging Market Share Sales Beat Developed Nations for 1st Time

U.S. Postal Service Denied Rate Increase by Regulator

Whitney Says States May Need Federal Bailout in Next 12 Months

WSJ Finally Notices Gold’s Bull Market

Elite Between Rock and Hard Place

1099 Supply Shock for Gold Buyers (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

House passes tariff bill to stop China’s yuan imbalance with U.S.

AIG, U.S. Agree on Terms of U.S. Exit Plan

McDonald’s May Drop Health Plan

Silver Shines as an Economic Solution (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Congress Promotes Slavery in Detroit (Hat Tip: James Ward)

Congress Approves Stopgap Bill to Fund Entire Government at 12:18 A.M.–On Same Night It Published the Bill (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

IRS Activates New PTIN System (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Why are we still paying to be insulted? — Boardwalk Empire & why I don’t like it *UPDATED*

Feds Break Cybercrime Ring That Used Viruses to Loot Banks

Secretary Salazar: Drilling Ban Stays for Now

Protesting Police Throw Ecuador Into Chaos

Will there be a McDonald’s Inquistion now? Torquemada Sebelius tightens the screws

House Dems to Mrs. Obama: No, we won’t raid food stamps for your pet project

Warning Signs….. (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

House Votes 348-79 To Declare (Trade) War On China (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

WOW, Democrat Jokes That Seniors Should Be Denied End-Of-Life Healthcare (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

WTO ORDERS USA to Accept Chinese Chickens (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Cuba Will Drill Deeper Than BP Off Coast of Florida

As Obama Pretends at Its Freedom, His Gov’t Plans Takeover of Internet

What Was FBI-Raided Radical Abudayyeh Doing at Obama White House & Why Was He Awarded $457,000 in Taxpayer Money?

AFL-CIO’s Trumka Tries to Meddle in NFL Labor Dispute

Obama breaks out the chalkboard

Morning Bell: The Bipartisan Fight Against the Obama Tax Hikes

Side Effects: Massachusetts Seniors Will Lose Medicare Advantage Plans in 2011

Landrieu Begs Obama to Stop Killing Jobs and End the Moratorium

Guest Blogger: Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) on Empowering Small Business

U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Iranian Human Rights Violators

Obama’s Energy Regulations on Household Appliances Sparks Cost Debate (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Who Is Watching You? Nine Industries That Know Your Every Move (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Goldman: Now Everyone’s Slashing Their US Economic Forecasts

Philly Fed’s Plosser Says Economy May Be Tanking But New Quantitative Easing Won’t Help


European Central Banks Halt Gold Sales

Banks Keep Failing, No End in Sight

Banks Keep Failing, No End in Sight

U.S. Economy “Close to a destructive tipping point” Glenn Hubbard Says.

Mike Maloney lecture video.

Cold Hard Reality Hits Oregon

Supply Squeeze of Physical Gold and Silver May Be Heating Up

The Currency Crisis of 2010-2011

A Hazard of Buying Bond Funds Now

A Red Alert Threat To The Regime

Sour Economic Mood in Living Room and Board Room

Recession Rips at US Marriages, Expands Income Gap

Ten signs that the U.S. is Losing it Influence in the Western Hemisphere.

Campaign to save Pavlovsk seed bank from being turned over to housing developers.