On the Road Again for Liberty at the Ballot Box

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

The phone call came yesterday. Sal Russo, chief political strategist for the Tea Party Express on the line. “We just got through wrapping the buses and your picture is on them. So I hope you’re coming on this next tour,” he joked.

Are you kidding? This is only historic. This is only the most important election of our lifetime. I feel privileged to be playing a part in something as amazing as meeting fellow Americans across this beautiful land of ours, to do my part in encouraging them in this battle to take back America at the ballot box. In fact, that’s the name and theme of this tour — Liberty at the Ballot Box.

Just as we did before during the Tea Party Express’ third tour last Spring, I will be blogging about the trip and hosting my radio show from the road. And though he won’t physically be with us on the bus, show producer and blogger Dave Logan will be right there, managing blogging and radio program communications from our Northern Command post in the Sacramento area.

So the buses are wrapped with the familiar Tea Party Express logo, the drivers are fueling up and on Monday, Oct. 18th, we’ll be wheels turning for a 14 day, 28-rally trip that’ll take us through 17 states to stops from Reno to Concord, NH. Should be a beautiful ride!

I hope you’ll join us when we come to your area. We put on a heckuva show and we look forward to meeting you, shaking your hand and looking you in the eye, patriot-to-patriot. Here’s the schedule. Specific sites will be announced as we get closer to the dates. You can get more information at Tea Party Express.org and you can follow along with us at Tea Party Express.tv.

See you there!

Monday, October 18th

10:00 AM – Rally in Reno, NV

12:30 PM – TPX Tour departs from Reno, NV rally location

5:30 PM – Elko, NV rally

*Overnight in Elko, NV*

Tuesday, October 19th

9:00 AM – Depart from Elko, NV hotel

12:00 Noon – Rally in Ely, NV

1:30 PM – Depart Ely, NV

6:00 PM – Rally in Las Vegas, NV

*Overnight in Las Vegas, NV*

Wednesday, October 20th

9:00 AM – Depart from Las Vegas, NV

1:30 PM – Rally in Barstow, CA

3:00 PM – Depart Barstow, CA

6:00 PM – Rally in Los Angeles, CA

*Overnight in Los Angeles, CA*

Thursday, October 21st

8:00 AM – Depart Los Angeles, CA

12:00 Noon – San Diego, CA Rally

2:30 PM – Depart San Diego, CA

6:00 PM – Rally in Yuma, AZ

*Overnight in Yuma, AZ*

Friday, October 22nd

8:00 AM – Depart Yuma, AZ

12:00 Noon – Rally in Phoenix, AZ

2:30 PM – Depart Phoenix, AZ

*Overnight in Las Cruces, NM*

Saturday, October 23rd

12:00 Noon – Rally in Las Cruces, NM

3:00 PM – Depart Las Cruces, NM

4:30 PM – Rally in El Paso, TX

6:00 PM – Depart El Paso, TX

10:30 PM – Arrive in Odessa, TX

*Overnight in Odessa, TX*

Sunday, October 24th

8:00 AM – Depart Odessa, TX

11:30 AM – Rally in Abilene, TX

1:00 PM – Depart Abilene, TX

5:00 PM – Waco, TX Rally

*Overnight in Waco, TX*

Monday, October 25th

7:30 AM – Depart Waco, TX

10:00 AM – Rally in Dallas, TX

12:00 Noon – Depart Dallas, TX

6:00 PM – Rally in Little Rock, AR

*Overnight in Little Rock*

Tuesday, October 26th

7:30 AM – Depart Little Rock, AR

4:00 PM – Rally in Franklin, TN

6:30 PM – Depart Franklin, TN

10:00 PM – Arrive in Paducah, KY

*Overnight in Paducah, KY*

Wednesday, October 27th

11:00 AM – Rally in Paducah, KY

1:30 PM – Depart Paducah, KY

5:00 PM – Rally in St. Louis, MO

7:30 PM – Depart St. Louis, MO

10:00 PM – Arrive in Springfield, IL

*Overnight in Springfield, IL*

Thursday, October 28th

9:00 AM – Rally in Springfield, IL

11:30 AM – Depart Springfield, IL

4:00 PM – Rally in Joliet, IL

6:30 PM – Depart Joliet, IL

11:00 PM – Arrive in Jackson, MI

Friday, October 29th

10:00 AM – Rally in Jackson, MI

12:30 PM – Depart Jackson, MI

4:00 PM – Rally in Troy, MI

6:30 PM – Depart Troy, MI

11:00 PM – Arrive in Columbus, OH

Saturday, October 30th

11:00 AM – Rally in Columbus, OH

1:30 PM – Depart Columbus, OH

9:00 PM – Arrive in Harrisburg, PA

Sunday, October 31st

10:00 AM – Rally in Harrisburg, PA

12:00 Noon – Depart Harrisburg, PA

3:00 PM – Rally in Wilmington, DE

5:30 PM – Depart Wilmington, DE

8:00 PM – Rally in Toms River, NJ

*Overnight in Toms River, NJ*

Monday, November 1st

8:00 AM – Depart Toms River, NJ

2:00 PM – Rally in Attleboro, MA

4:00 PM – Depart Attleboro, MA

6:00 PM – Rally in Concord, NH

*Conclusion of Tour*


Financial News Update – 10/09/10

Bill Gross: Fed To Buy $100 Billion In Government Debt A Month Until It Hits $1.2 Trillion

Check Out Chris Whalen’s Terrifying Presentation On The 2011 Foreclosure Crisis

Chris Whalen: It’s Still 3-6 Months Until Foreclosure-Gate Really Gets Out Of Control

CHART OF THE DAY: The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever

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Here Are The Gritty Details Behind Today’s Ugly Jobs Number

Foreclosure-Gate Spirals: Bank Of America And PNC Now Halting All Foreclosures

September Jobs Report Very Weak, As Public Sector Slashes Employment Massively

Citi: With Bond Yields Where They Are, Stocks Need To Crash

It’s Now Obvious That The Crucial Economic Problem Is State Governments

October 8, 2010: The Day Agriculture Prices Exploded The story of the day is not stocks or bonds or even the jobs report. It’s the massive explosion in ag futures. It’s really astounding, and it screams INFLATION.

America Has Three Paths: Become Japan, Accept Inflation, Or Default

Analysis: Bleak news for Democrats in jobs report (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Obama Considering Rule by Executive Order in 2011 (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Zogby/O’Leary: Independents Back Fed Hiring Freeze (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Sharpton Uses Weird Handouts-as-Food Analogy to Shame Audience

Treasuries Rally for a Fourth Week on Prospects for Debt Purchases by Fed

Geithner Says Yuan `Significantly’ Undervalued, Wants China to Let It Rise

Dow Tops 11,000, Treasuries Rise on Fed Easing Bets

Job Losses in U.S. Exceed Forecasts After Local Governments Fire Teachers

Attorneys General in 40 States Said to Join on Foreclosures

California Legislature Passes Main Budget Measure 3 Months Late

USA Won’t Recover Lost Jobs ‘Until March 2020’ At Current Pace

Stock Market Keeps Rolling No Matter What the News

CA miscalculated pollution levels ‘by 340%’ to toughen state’s ‘clean air’ standards

Buchanan: Food Stamp Nation

BANK OF AMERICA Halts All Foreclosures, Sales

Buyer anxiety mounts

Feds Weigh Ban on All Phone Use by Drivers

CA county may become the Napa Valley of marijuana

Airline deal clears way for emissions tax

Soaring prices threaten new food crisis

WORLD ORDER: Geithner urges greater IMF role in currencies

D.C. Health Fair — on The Taxpayers’ Dime


Watch the US Dollar Index. As I’ve mentioned before, 72 is he threshold to watch for. Below that, there could be huge currency trading turmoil, and formal devaluations.

Financial stability set back by debt woes: IMF. Here is a quote: “However, the fund said banks had made less progress in dealing with near-term funding pressures — nearly $4 trillion of bank debt needs to be refinanced in the next 24 months. ‘Overall, bank balance sheets need to be further bolstered to ensure financial stability against funding shocks and to prevent adverse feedback loops with the real economy,’ the IMF said.”

Middle Class Slams Brakes on Spending

Stimulus Check Winners: Prisoners, Dead People

The Most Profitable Industries for the Next Three Years

Housing Slump Hammers Local Government Tax Revenues

Norcini, Sinclair: Financial Hurricane To Collapse The System

US Loan Delinquencies Rise For First Time in a Year, ABA Says

Yellow Hoard (The Mogambo Guru)


Tools To Consider For Your SHTF Plan

Non-fiction Writing Contest Submission by Chad H
The Survivalist Blog

During the most recent years of my adult life, my finances have changed significantly, which forced me to seek additional ways to support my family. In my chosen career (firefighter) I have gone back to school in order to obtain additional training to become a Paramedic. The additional skills I am learning will allow me to provide better care for people in need, and give me more useful skills for a post SHTF scenario.

I have also taken on a second career as a handyman, doing odd repairs and to-do lists in my off days. Both of my current careers as a firefighter and as a handyman have much to offer in the area of survival and prepping. With this, I have been able to learn about many tools, their practical uses, and applications which would provide a positive benefit in a SHTF environment. The following descriptions are some suggestions that may be helpful to you.

Oxygen/Acetylene Torch: This type of torch is very versatile and reaches extremely high temperatures. An oxy/acetylene torch is capable of cutting many types of steel including chains, bolts, sheet metal, tubing, and locks. An oxy/acetylene torch also has the ability to weld steel, loosen corroded nuts/bolts, brazing, bending and forming all types of steel.

With all these options available, one could easily salvage parts from cars, repair fences, strengthen structures, or any other type of steel related project. Oxy/acetylene torches do not require electricity making it very mobile and useful in a grid down environment. Additionally, an oxy/acetylene torch reaches temperatures of approximately 6330 F, thus giving it the ability to easily melt the following examples of metals: iron at approximately 2750 F, steel at approximately 2500 F, gold at approximately 1950 F, and silver at approximately 1765 F.

read more…


Heroes All

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Channing Moss was impaled by a live RPG during a Taliban ambush while on patrol in Afghanistan. Army protocol says that Medivac choppers are never to carry anyone with a live round in him. Even though they feared it could explode, the flight crew said damn the protocol and flew him to the nearest aid station.

Protocol demanded that in such a case the patient is to be put in a sandbagged area away from the surgical unit, given a shot of morphine and left to wait (and die) until others are treated. Again, the medical team ignored the protocol.

Here’s a short video put together by the Military Times, which includes actual footage of the surgery where Dr. John Oh, a Korean immigrant who became a naturalized citizen and went to West Point, removed the live round with the help of volunteers and a member of the EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) team. Moss has undergone six operations, but is doing well at home in Gainesville, GA.