Jim Jones, The People’s Temple and Revolutionary Suicide

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

I’ll bet you didn’t know (and the media would never tell you) that the Jim Jones/People’s Temple mass suicide in Guyana was a Marxist/Lenninst revolutionary act.

In 1976, the People’s Temple changed a San Francisco political juggernaut, which was secretly harboring designs of world communist revolution, to a paranoid North Korean-style enclave in Jonestown in 1978. There, they negotiated with the Soviet Union, North Korea and others for a possible exodus. A Soviet delegation visited Jonestown, showering it with praise.


MEDIA: National Radio Talk Host Joins Tea Party Express Tour

CONTACT: Levi Russell at (509) 979-6615 or via email at: [email protected]

National Radio Talk Show Host
Roger Hedgecock Joining Tea Party Express Tour

Speaking at Rallies in Las Vegas, NV & San Diego, CA

The Tea Party Express (website: http://www.TeaPartyExpress.org) is pleased to announce that national conservative talk show host, Roger Hedgecock, will be joining the Tea Party Express for rallies in Nevada and California.

Hedgecock will speak at rallies in Las Vegas, NV (Tuesday, October 19th – 6:00 PM) and San Diego, CA (Thursday, October 21st – 12:00 Noon). Information on these rallies is provided below:


Stoney’s Rockin’ Country
9151 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89123


Tuna Harbor Park
Tuna Lane located off N Harbor Drive and W G Street San Diego 92101

This marks the 4th national Tea Party Express bus tour. More VIP guests and celebrities for various tour stops and rallies will be announced in the coming days.

If a reporter or news organization is interested in embedding for either part or all of the way along the tour route, please contact Communications Director Levi Russell at: [email protected] ASAP to try to confirm one of the last remaining seats.


Huge Launch of Tea Party Express IV With Sarah Palin


The crowd was huge – thousands upon thousands of people. Gov. Sarah Palin was on fire, delivering an electric speech. And the energy is there for us to Defeat Harry Reid.

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy from the kickoff event for the Tea Party Express IV national bus tour which launched this morning. Gov. Palin certainly is a woman of the people as she worked the “rope line” and went out of her way to shake hands and talk with the everyday citizens who make this country great.

And the crowd was fantastic! So many great patriots. The most common theme we heard over and over again was “we need your help – we MUST Defeat Harry Reid.”

So now, with just over 2 weeks left we come to you with this urgent plea. Help us Defeat Harry Reid.

We must raise another $250,000 by Election Day for this race alone. We know we can reach this goal with your help. It’s the final stretch of this political marathon and it’s time to kick it into high gear. You can support our campaign for Sharron Angle by making a contribution online – HERE.

We need as many people as possible to contribute $100 or more within the next 36 hours. Please, if you can, make a contribution of $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more, so we can continue to build off of the momentum we generated today.

As always, if you prefer you can mail in a contribution via U.S. mail to our headquarters:

Tea Party Express
8795 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 103
Sacramento, CA 95826-3720


The Financial Stability Act: Huge Government Take Over!

By: Bill Hurst
The “Troublesome” Conservative

The liberal Democrat, posing as a conservative, has his people putting the spin on the truth. Just a recap of “The Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010.″

Minnick, Voted for this horrendous government take over of the financial markets.

With his “aye” on H.R. 4173, his liberal-socialistic actions should be exposed. This will prove to Idaho First Congressional District voters as proof positive, that Minnick is not fiscally conservative. Idaho’s Congressman was elected to the House of Representatives under the “Minnick Myth” as a fiscal Conservative, while all along Minnick has a liberal belief system on all other issues. During his first term in the House of Representatives, Minnick has voted as a fiscal Conservative on some economic related legislation. However, he supported this legislation that can only be described alone as socialistic, controlling and destructive to our free enterprise system.

“Benjamin Franklin In His Own Words,” in a letter to an English bureaucrat in 1773, he states that “while it is true that parliament has the right to make laws for the Colonies, it is also true that they have the right not to make laws.”

read more…


Widner School of Law Debate between Coons and O’Donnell

The following is from the Widner School of Law website:


Widner School of Law Debate between Coons and O’Donnell

Debate in the race between Chris Coons and Christine O’Donnell for U.S. Senate.

Presented by 1150 AM WDEL, hosted by Widener Law.

Ruby R. Vale Moot Courtroom, Widener Law, 4601 Concord Pike, Wilmington. The courtroom is just inside the main law building front entrance.

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 8 to 9:30 a.m. and will be broadcast live on 1150AM WDEL and at wdel.com. There will be no debate breaks for traffic, weather or commercials.

Coons and O’Donnell will answer questions from a panel of area journalists. WDEL morning news anchor Peter MacArthur will moderate.

Doors open at 7 a.m. with first-come, first-served public seating. The Ruby R. Vale Moot courtroom is a combination lecture hall and courtroom. Candidates will be seated on the judge’s bench. The debate will be broadcast live to two nearby classrooms, plus a student lounge, for overflow seating.


Financial News Update – 10/18/10

Mundell: Bernanke’s ‘Big Mistake’

The Eve of Destruction

EU Gripped by Growing Class War?

Gibbs: Foreign money okay for Democrats

“The Great Dollar Devaluation Disaster” is Only Just Beginning – and the Intended Victim is YOU! (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Anti-American George Soros and Unions Attempting to Put Power of CA Redistricting in Their Own Hands (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

U.S. Seeks Billions in India Deals

The Clock is Ticking for Everyone

Our Economy Is A Bad Joke (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Number One U.S. Export To China: Waste Paper And Scrap Metal

The Real Horror Story: The U.S. Economic Meltdown

Penn. Philanthropist to Give $1K For Each Jobless Worker Hired

Obama: ‘Scared’ Americans Aren’t Thinking ‘Clearly’

Welcome To The Subprime Debacle, Part 2 (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Is America on a Burning Platform? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Graham: Obama is taking over ‘most of society’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Singapore Suffers Shocking Worst-Ever GDP Contraction

Dylan Grice: The Nikkei Is Going To 63,000,000

It’s Official: Food Inflation Coming To A Grocery Store Near You

Map Of The Day: Here’s Where The Labor Market Will Be Ugly For A Long Time

Get Ready For The Fed’s Great Experiment

The Most Dangerous Effect Of A Currency War Isn’t Hyperinflation or Devaluation

Germany Now Forecast To Have The Best Job Creation Since Unification, Sustainable Growth, And A Falling Deficit

Jerry Doyle: California Scheemin

White House Stands by Call for Tax Hike on Wealthy

WRAPUP 1-Two Fed officials favor aggressive easing options

China vows to unleash growth from grassroots

Morning Bell: Big Government’s Government Union Firewall

Taxhiker in Chief Takes On Social Security

All dressed up, nowhere to go (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

UPDATE: MSNBC: Dems Received $1 Million In Foreign Donations (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Change. Top 400 Charities See Billions Less in Donations

Agreed. Sarah Palin: “Nobody Tell Barack Obama What Number Comes After a Trillion” (Video)

The Democrats’ Countrywide scandal: Shhhhhh

Banks Face Mortgage Scrutiny as $49 Billion in Value Vanishes

Barone: Dems find careers threatened by ObamaCare votes

WHAT RECESSION: DC ‘oasis for jobs and growth’

Chinese businesses, banks bypassing UN sanctions against Iran

Airlines asked to reduce France flights

Riot police clash with students as gas stations run dry

Oil workers defy govt demand to open depots

Truckers join in

Roads blocked



Dollar Declines for Fifth Week

Mortgage Mess Leaves Homeowners in Limbo

IMF chief warns global recovery ‘in peril’

UNITED NATIONS: ‘We are destroying life on Earth’

Luxury sales rebound to pre-crisis levels

Gorbachev: Russia Risks Mass Unrest Under Current Regime

AMT ALARM: Without a ‘Patch,’ Millions Could See Taxes Soar


The Coming Collapse of the Real Estate Market

The Case for America’s Future by Gary North

Animated recession map was updated again last week.

Three more banks bit the dust on Friday.

US Cities Face Half a Trillion Dollars of Pension Deficits

Dollar Keeps Falling As Investors Await Fed Action

Market Rallies For Flat Finish

The Biggest Tax Hike Ever? Depends On Who You Ask

Bank Stocks Keep Falling As Mortgage Fears Mount

Credit Card Writedowns Mostly Improve In September

85% Of College Grads Move Back In With Parents

Western World At Risk Of Financial Collapse

Inflation to Make All Americans Billionaires By 2020

Bernanke Sees Case for `Further Action’ With Too-Low Inflation

“It’s Scary How Clueless Bernanke Is”

Howard J. Ruff chimes in on inflation.

Panic at the pumps: French motorists swamp petrol stations