Juan Williams: First Comments After Being Fired by NPR!

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Hat Tip: Brian B. / Jean Stoner

Screw Free Speech, NPR Fires Juan Williams for Muslim Remarks

TOO MUCH FEEDBACK- NPR Can’t Take the Heat; Contact Page Shut Down (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

NPR: Where “Teabag” Videos Are Defended But Blaming 9-11 on Muslims Will Get You Fired

Juan Williams Fired From NPR for Comments About Muslims on O’Reilly Factor (Video)

Firing offense: NPR axes Juan Williams for opinions on Muslims & post-9/11 travel

National Politically-correct Radio

Juan Williams: Fired for Doubting

NPR Internal Memo on Juan Williams (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

N.P.R. – You are letting Us down

Juan Williams, Liberal, Not Liberal Enough for NPR

NPR fires Juan Williams

USA Announces Terror Alert – NPR Fires Williams For Reacting To Threat

JUAN WILLIAMS: I Was Fired for Telling the Truth

‘Happy Now?’: FNC‘s Megyn Kelly Has Fiery Exchange with CAIR Director Over Juan Williams’ Firing

About the Juan Williams firing *UPDATED*

NPR CEO: Williams’ Views Should Stay Between Himself And “His Psychiatrist”

Juan Williams Just the Latest to be Fired For Telling the Truth

Juan Williams: Going Rogue


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