Financial News Update – 10/23/10

‘Iran is secretly setting up banks in Muslim countries’ (Hat Tip: Brian’s Mom)

The Day the Earth Shook; China Dictates to G20

2010 Is Just Deck Chair Politics on the USS Titanic

Fitch puts most of the US banking sector on negative watch (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Tim Geithner Just Handed A Huge Victory To John Maynard Keynes

Here’s Where America’s Top 50 Companies Stand In Debt And Cash

Here Are The 15 US Housing Markets At The Forefront Of The Double Dip

Is Bernanke Going To Start Printing Money To Buy California State Debt?

Here’s That Devastating Chris Whalen Report On The Coming Crisis For The Banks

Another Report Confirms That The Housing Double Dip Is Here

SocGen’s Grice: Bernanke Is Rudolf von Havenstein And Is Blowing A Devastating Emerging Markets Bubble

Chris Whalen: The Foreclosure Crisis Is A Cancer, And MBS Investors Are Calling Their Lawyers

California Is Broke – 19 Reasons Why It May Be Time For Everyone To Leave The State Of California For Good

75 Ways That The Government And The Financial Elite Will Be Sucking Even More Of The Life Blood Out Of The American People In 2011

Tax Official Shuts Down Kids‘ Pumpkin Stand For Lacking ’Proper Permit’

Obama Event Shock: Union Fires Stagehand for Wearing ‘U.S.S. George H.W. Bush’ Shirt & Hat

Confirmed: Obamacare Discourages Work

Good Grief… Obama Says He Needs Harry Reid “To Continue Economic Agenda”

G-20 Pledges to Avoid Devaluations in Push to Defuse Global Trade Tension

U.S. Yield Curve Widens to Steepest Since September on Easing Speculation

Dollar Rises for First Time in Six Weeks as G-20 Discusses Trade Targets

NBH Holdings Buys Failed Bank, Six More Shut as Toll This Year Reaches 139

G-20 Communique on Currencies, Financial Supervision, IMF Board: Full Text

Vegas: Record 15% Unemployment

GOP Eyes NPR Funding Cuts Over Williams

Billionaire Soros Pays for More NPR Reporters


Coins fall prey to spending cuts.

UK unveils dramatic austerity measures.

Seven More Banks Bite the Dust

Strange Events at the Comex

Who Was Responsible for the Global Financial Collapse? Filmmaker Charles Ferguson Finds Out In “Inside Job”

Doubling the Value of Silver (Mogambo Guru)

Some American Families are $133 Away From Great Depression-Like Problems

Unemployment Rate Drops in 23 States in September

Stocks Waver After Another Batch of Earnings

Dollar Plummets on Report Fed Plans to Pump $500 Billion Into Economy

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