Barry O, He Go: the Cargo Cult Presidency of Barack Obama

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By: Zombie
Pajamas Media

The presidency of Barack Obama is a cargo cult. And Obama himself is the new John Frum.

But unlike traditional cargo cults, which persist despite decades of fruitless prophecies, the Barry O cult is disintegrating before our very eyes, as Hope and Change Airport — built entirely out of hollow bamboo and even hollower promises — has failed to attract the predicted heaven-sent magical prosperity.

John Frum, He Come

The title of this essay is a riff on John Frum, He Come, a now-classic book of popular anthropology which introduced the American public to the bizarre world of cargo cults in the South Pacific, especially on a small island called Tanna in what is now Vanuatu.

Shortly before WWII, a strange belief emerged on Tanna that a magically powerful American soldier appeared on the island bearing wondrous “cargo” — manufactured Western goods and packaged food, which he handed out as gifts. He called himself “John Frum,” but, after advising the villagers to return to their traditional rituals and customs, he just as quickly disappeared.

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2 thoughts on “Barry O, He Go: the Cargo Cult Presidency of Barack Obama

  1. Of course, it helps if you remember that “John Frum” is rumored to be the brother of another Cargo Cult figure of fame: Prince “I-want-to-come-back-as-a-virus” Philip (you know, Duke of Edinburgh, consort to QE II), who is also, for better or worse, a raving eco-fascist of the first order.

    Fitting, somehow, that the cargo cult messiah and First Imam of our own country should have such a neat metaphorical and spiritual connection to the never-to-be-really king of England — champion of the “wipe out humanity” throngs of Gaia worshipers.

    How priceless.

    ~~ AG

  2. exactly what Obama really means, usually we shouldn’t return for the same old failed policies from the last 5, 000 years, not just the past 8 years…History does have a very way of repeating itself. It’s ironic that none on the people we seem to elect understand that…!?

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