Financial News Update – 10/27/10

Obama Now Has No Choice Except To Announce A Major Homeowner Bailout After The Election

JPMorgan, BofA, Citi, And More Plead With Supreme Court To Keep THEIR Bailout Details Secret, Too

Here’s How Much YOUR City’s Real Estate Is Still Underwater From The Peak

Case-Shiller Weak: Home Prices Down In 15 Of 20 Markets

CHART OF THE DAY: Housing Is Now Clearly Double Dipping

Deutsche Bank: Here Are The Two Possibilities For What The FOMC Will Announce Next Week

5 Real Estate Indicators That Are Still Saying CRISIS

Watch This Republican Economist Take Down Austan Goolsbee

Employers in U.S. Start Bracing for Higher Tax Withholding (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Pennsylvania Governor Sabotages 212K Jobs

Quantitative Easing: How Much is Enough?

More Asian Recognition of Out of Control US Money Printing, Skyrocketing Gold Price

Pummeled by the Strong Arm of the Financial Ruin

The Food Shock of 2011

The End of Cheap Food

New “Virtual World Reserve Currency” in the Works, and it’s not the SDR

Bank of America, JPMorgan Get Texas Subpoenas on Foreclosures (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

One EMP burst and the world goes dark (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Faber: Fed Easing to Disappoint, May Spark Stock Sell-Off

Pimco’s El-Erian: Federal Reserve ‘Terrified’ of Deflation

Is the Elite Destabilizing the World on Purpose?

NPR’s actual tax funding much more than 1% lie

In Defense of Helicopter Ben, Sort of…

Stimulus Failure: 48 Out of 50 States Lost Jobs Since Democrats Trillion Dollar Stimulus Plan (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Department of Education Seeks to Regulate Higher Education (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

CBO Director Says ObamaCare Will Drive People From the Workforce (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Engineering a Global Depression to Create a Global Government, “Crisis is an Opportunity” (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

CFTC’s Chilton sees silver manipulation efforts (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

A Quick Glance At Real World Inflation (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

CFTC’s Chilton Admits Silver Market Subject To “Fraudulent” Influences, Says Manipulation Should Be Prosecuted (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

DHS Moving Live Foot And Mouth Pathogen To The Middle Of Cattle (& Tornado) Country (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Time To Remove The Roadblocks To A National Transmission Grid (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Tea Party Movement Is A Game-Changer (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Insider Selling Volume at Highest Level Ever Tracked (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller Key Architect of FCC Govt Takeover of the News (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Think I’ts Over On November 2nd? NPR CEO Plans Government Takeover Of News Services (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Had you heard that a government takeover of national media is in the works? Guess who is totally involved? (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

NPR Executive Schiller Active in Crafting New Journalism Roadmap (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Federal Spending Front and Center in Pa., Wash. Senate Races

Fed Gears Up for Stimulus

The Hayseed Rebellion (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Morning Bell: Red Tape Rising

300 Economists Counter White House Claim on Taxes

It’s Official: Even The Super-Rich Prefer Renting To Buying In This Market

Did You Miss That China Did Another Tightening Last Night?

Capital Goods Orders Decrease as Investment Cools

`Every Man for Himself’ as Emerging Markets Curb Currencies

Republicans Plan Budget Cuts as Early Act If They Take Power

Stocks, Treasuries, Commodities Drop on Fed Speculation

Obama’s Solicitor General Told Fed Not to Appeal, Banks Say

Fed Easing to Signify End of Bull Market, Gross Says

Christie Ends New Jersey-Manhattan Commuter-Rail Tunnel Project

Up to $1 Billion in U.S. Aid Winds Up In Taliban Coffers

Bank Probe Trouble for FDIC Chief

Fed Jitters Spark Triple-Digit Slide

U.N.’s Corporate Wooing a ‘Major Risk’


READY TO PUMP: Fed Gears Up for More Stimulus

Stocks tumble amid questions about Fed plan

China says dollar printing ‘out of control’

Greek bond yields surge above 10%

Classy… Sharron Angle Sends Behar Flowers- Thanks Her For the Help …Update: Angle Raises $137,000

It’s the Economic Destruction, Stupid… Democrats Face Midterm Blowout

Dem Senate Candidate Manchin Says He Didn’t Understand Obamacare When He Endorsed It (He Supported It 2 Weeks Ago, Too)

Breaking: Suspect Voting Machines in Nevada Are Serviced By SEIU

30 Reasons Why People Should Be Getting Really Nervous About The State Of The U.S. Economy

Why Are You Spending Millions to Send Gov’t Employees to Harvard?


Climate Fools Day

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on Australians and Americans to join the world in celebrating Climate Fools Day on October 27th.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense,” Mr. Viv Forbes, said that Climate Fools Day was named by protesters outside the British House of Commons on 27th October 2008, when the house was debating the Climate Bill.

Forbes explained:

“As the first October snow in 70 years blanketed the House (and a big swathe of Europe), MP’s droned on about the need to fight global warming.

“For six hours MP’s reassured one another about the desperate need to be the first government in the world to saddle its unfortunate people with a burden estimated at £15 billion a year. As snow continued to blanket Westminster, only two MP’s questioned the huge cost and dubious benefits from the energy taxes and green energy rorts they were imposing.

“Christopher Booker of the Daily Telegraph noted gloomily:

“If the Bill’s intent is taken seriously, the cost of cutting our CO2 emissions by 80 per cent would cripple our economy, closing down much of what remains of our industry and rendering most motorized transport impossible.”

“Nigel Lawson said in the House of Lords at the time:

“The Bill will go down in history, and future generations will see it, as the most absurd Bill that this House and Parliament has ever had to examine”.

“The weather gods were the first to draw attention to the stupidity of the Climate Fools in Westminster. Weeks of icy weather froze the whole of Britain, wind turbines froze, solar panels were covered in snow, but coal, gas and nuclear power stations running at full power for 24/7 averted calamity. Power lines broke, stopping electric trains – on one line in Scotland the only train running was an old steam train burning coal.

“And ignoring the consensus predictions of global warming, a Snowy Owl, native of the Arctic Circle, arrived in Cornwall in December 2009, heralding another cold winter in which the sea froze on the Dorset coast.

“Luckily, the appalling foolishness which started at Westminster has not spread far, but skeptics world-wide will be celebrating Climate Fools Day to ensure the suicidal example of once-great Britain is not followed anywhere else.

Forbes said that word on Climate Fools Day had already reached Siberia because Siberian swans, which usually reach Britain in November, flew into Gloucestershire on 18th October, 2010.

“Winter usually follows the swans, and Westminster is again likely to be blanketed in snow when Climate Fools Day protesters again gather outside the British Parliament.

“Maybe our politicians should abandon their computerized climate models and take up bird watching?”

US publisher, Stairway Press, have chosen the Climate Fools Day gathering in Westminster to make the inaugural presentation of the “Ernst-Georg Beck Award for Scientific Integrity and Competence” (BASIC). Piers Corbyn gets the US $10,000 award for “his untiring efforts both as a climate skeptic and for his outstanding success in long-range weather forecasting.”

For more information on Climate Fools Day see: http://climatefoolsday.com.

Authorised by:
Viv Forbes
Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition
Rosevale, Qld, Australia


Leon Weinstein: “Looking for Hugh: The Capitalist Guidebook”

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Earlier, I posted a video by Leon Weinstein who left Soviet socialism for American liberty in 1974. Now his mission is to warn Americans of their own looming socialist future before it is too late. Leon has produced a number of these videos in which he explains how the United States is currently taking for granted the freedom it has fought for – and how it is blithely allowing that freedom to be trampled upon and discarded. Leon starts off the below video by recounting an incident where an American girl was flabbergasted that he had emigrated from Russia to America. Why would anyone want to immigrate to the United States? Watch the video below.


Communist Party USA Leader Openly Backs Obama and the Democrats

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Jarvis Tyner, national executive vice-chair of the Communist Party USA, spoke in Detroit October 7, on the need for “left and progressive” minded people to help insure a huge voter turnout for the midterm elections.

Tyner is uncompromising in his support for the Democrats and Communist Party “friend” Barack Obama.

The Communists understand what is at stake in these elections. Do you?



By: Dave Logan


TPX tour embed Andrea Shea King has coverage of Lloyd Marcus — voice of the Tea Party Movement — and the recent release of his newest project. Marcus, well known here in the States as a singer-song writer and author, has gone international. Andrea has the report.

DAY NINE of TPX IV brought the tour to Nashville, TN. It rained, but it didn’t dampen any spirits. Umbrellas and ‘taking back America’ were the orders of the day. Andrea has commentary along with some photos of the events.

DAY TEN has the tour pulling into Paducah, Ky — 11 AM; then back on the road for a 5 PM rally at St. Louis, Mo. Check the TPX tour schedule for rallies in your town.

TEA PARTY HD AND LIBERTY.COM brings you”live” rally coverage to your computer — hundreds of thousands view each day, so if you can’t attend in person, do it from your living room. TPX IV rallies are but a click away!

With a week remaining before we ‘fundamentally re-transform America,’ TPX officials are calling on membership to hit the CONTRIBUTE BUTTON. The final week’s push to victory at the polls is not cheap — not even close to cheap — and now’s not the time to hold back. Ad buys, travel and many other challenges must be faced head-on, and NOW. The progressives never take a day off or take time to sleep — we shouldn’t either. We’ve come this far, let’s finish the job at hand: Nov 2nd. Any contribution you can make — big, small or in between — will be most appreciated and used effectively against our opponents. After this tour, there will be more work for us to do… much more. In fact, the real heavy lifting begins on Nov 3rd and won’t end until we unravel the progressive policies that have been forced upon the American people over the last 18 months. The responsibility now falls to our generation — the next Greatest Generation, but don’t expect Tom Brokaw to write a book about us. Leave that to patriots like Lloyd Marcus and quite possibly Andrea Shea King.

Melanie Morgan.com, John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit, Barbara at American Freedom and Terresa Monroe-Hamiton at NoisyRoom are still in the trenches, helping spread the word about TPX IV. Many others are reporting as well and together we will be victorious on the 2nd and beyond. Follow their lead, get involved in some way. There’s but a week remaining.

THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW will again be broadcasting “live” from the road — talking tour news as well as news in general. 9 PM ET nightly.

UPDATE: Paducah, Ky rally — Andrea Shea King with Rand Paul; below that, Rand Paul being mobbed by the media for interviews — 11:30 AM PT.

Above: Lloyd Marcus performs with Selena Owens supporting the act.