Financial News Update – 11/08/10

White House: Obama Conducting Reign of Terror (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Ron Paul: Fed Will ‘Self Destruct’ as Easing Kills the Dollar

Gov. Chris Christie Schools Shrill David Gregory on “Meet the Press” over “Bush Tax Cuts” (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Ohio GMAC Foreclosure Case May Set Anti-Wall Street Precedent

Palin to Bernanke: ‘Cease and Desist’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

World Bank Chief Calls for Return to Gold Standard

Germany attacks US economic policy (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Calif borrows $40M a day to pay unemployment (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Attorney Fails to Persuade Judge in $113B Lawsuit

CBO: Health Reform Causes Drug Costs to Rise

Round One to Obama on Health Care

Currency Dreams of the Elite

Politics in an Age of Chaos

U.S.-China relationship shifts toward deep mistrust

The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)


Armed police raids to stop unlicensed barbers

HARLEY-DAVIDSON to build bikes in India

Obama says US dominance declining

Gold hits record high, tops $1,400 per ounce

Oil price hits two-year high

Germany: American growth model ‘in deep crisis’

Banks set for small company failures

Obama sidesteps question on Fed policy

Irish banks sink as EU eyes nation’s survival plan

Debt Woes Revive Concern

CANTOR: Obama would be responsible for shutdown

Battles Loom Over Taxes, Spending

Chavez defends state takeovers of apartments

The 9 Reasons Why Quantitative Easing Is Bad For The U.S. Economy

Here Are The Industries Actually Creating New Jobs, And Here Are The Ones Still Slashing

Jim Rogers Shames Oxford: ‘Ben Bernanke Unfortunately Does Not Understand Economics’

Why Bernanke Is Gambling

Citi: Almost Half Of Next Year’s Growth Depends On The Bush Tax Cuts Being Extended

Deutsche Bank: Watch What Happens Once The End Of Stimulus Starts Gouging Economic Growth In January

GLOBAL ECONOMY-Obama returns fire after China slams Fed’s move (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Taxed enough already! (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

NIA: QE2, The Last Gasp Of A Monetary System (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Standard & Poor’s: Fannie, Freddie to Cost More than $650 Billion

Supreme Court Rejects Review of Obamacare

California Borrows $40M a Day From Federal Government to Pay Unemployment Insurance

It Figures… Obama Blames the GOP for the Health Care Bill on “60 Minutes” (Video)

Community Organizer in Chief: “I Do Get Discouraged… I Thought the Economy Would Have Gotten Better By Now”

Your Tax Dollars at Work… PBS’s Mark Shields: Palin Quitting As Governor Is Like Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick

After Losing 8.1 Million Jobs… Crazy Pelosi Says She’s Running for Minority Leader to “Create Jobs”

Obama Jumps Into G-20 Surplus Spat

Obama defends Fed from foreign onslaught

Biofuel worse for climate than fossil fuel – study (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Number of the Week: $10.2 Trillion in Global Borrowing (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Citi: Central Banks Are Going To Start Dumping Dollars In The Coming Weeks (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Is the USA having a Bank Holiday to Devalue the Dollar? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Morning Bell: Get to Work Stopping the Obama Tax Hikes

The Zombie Campaign for Higher Energy Prices

Washington Voters Win in Battle of the Billionaires

All or nothing: Stop the Obama tax increases

Will You Be Able To Heat Your Home This Winter? Millions Of American Families Will Not

Obama Punts on Dollar Devaluation Question

GOP Leaders: Repealing ObamaCare May Not ‘Fully’ Happen Until 2013


Right Now, a Complete Collapse of the Financial System is Not Out of the Question

Bernanke soft-pedals QE2 risks.

The age of the dollar is drawing to a close.

Stiglitz: We Have to Throw the Bankers in Jail or the Economy Won’t Recover

Largest 15 States are Spending Over 220% of their Tax Revenue

Microsoft CEO Sells $1.3 Billion of Shares

World Blasts Deranged Madman’s Uncheckable Insanity

German Minister Renews Fed Criticism

Inflation is Already Here with Lots More to Come

US Dollar Printing Huge Risk to World: China Banking Adviser

Quentin wrote: I have been using the “Big Rolls” (1,000 sheet roll) of toilet paper from Walgreen’s Pharmacy for years. Whenever they are on sale we buy. I knew the price had gone up but didn’t know “the rest of the story”. The oldest roll in our stock was priced at 79 cents each or 3/$1.99 and weighed 9.4 oz. The sheets were 4.5”x 4.4”and totaled 137.5 sq. ft. The next oldest roll in our stock was priced at 89 cents each or 4/$3.00 and weighed 7.8 oz. The sheets were 4.25”x 4.0”and totaled 118.05 sq. ft. The ones I bought yesterday were priced the same at 89 cents each or 4/$3.00. The sheets were 4.25”x 4.0”and totaled 118.05 sq. ft. But the rolls only weighed 7.4 ounces!”

Cotton Clothing Price Tags to Rise.

As Fed Policy Sinks the Dollar, Prices of Essentials Soar

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