Mystery Missile Launched Near Calif. Has Military Speechless

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Mystery Missile Launched Near Calif. Has Military Speechless

Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast

Mysterious Missile Launched in Southern California and Possibly Phoenix, Pentagon CANNOT Confirm Who Fired It

Sources have indicated that there was not only a missile in Southern California but also in Phoenix and on the east coast. Whether this is true remains to be seen.

Military Gives Conflicting Statements Regarding Mystery Missile

Missile Launch Incident Raises Serious Questions

This had to show on radar. Why is the Pentagon and NORAD claiming the US and Canada are not in any danger, but are still claiming they don’t know who shot the missile? Fox News asked them this and the Pentagon would not answer. If they don’t know who did this, why was the threat alert not immediately raised and everything locked down? I don’t see this on global security news or Stratfor… What the hell?

Mystery Missile Launch Off Cali Coast

Mystery missile: Shades of Scare Force One; Update: Was it a missile or not?

My two cents – this was a missile launch. It is not a plane and they can make excuses about light all they want – it’s a missile launch. Beck posed that it could be China or someone else showing us their strength. Entirely possible, except you would think we would respond, but who knows anymore?

Pentagon can’t explain apparent mystery rocket off California coast (Hat Tip: Bix Weir)

Pentagon calls mystery missile ‘unexplained,’ cannot rule out threat (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Pentagon Can’t Explain ‘Missile’ Off California Coast (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Does This Picture Prove That The California Missile Was Actually A Commercial Jet?

You Should Be Terrified By What We’ve Learned About The California Missile Launch

The Best Theory We’ve Heard Yet: The “Mystery Missile” Was Actually A Covert Spy Satellite

Update: Military Says Missile-Like Object Wasn’t Missile

The Pentagon spends billions of dollars a year making sure it is never surprised by a missile launch – so finding out what the camera saw became a top priority. Both the Navy and the Air Force insisted they had not launched any missiles and the North American Air Defense Command – which is supposed to track incoming missiles – declared it had not been fired by any other military. But nobody could say what it was.

But Doug Richardson, the editor of Jane’s Missiles and Rockets, examined the video for the Times of London and said he was left with little doubt.

“It’s a solid propellant missile,” he told the Times. “You can tell from the efflux [smoke].”

Richardson said it could have been a ballistic missile launched from a submarine or an interceptor, the defensive anti-missile weapon used by Navy surface ships.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Missile Launched Near Calif. Has Military Speechless

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  2. This must be the lead story until it is resolved. I believe it was the military that just made an accident or lack of communication. But if it was the military, they are supposed to say it now. If it was them and if it was there mistake, they are supposed to tell us now. The public is really affected of what happened. Some thinks that it is a missile launched by China. The people is eager to know what it was for. Maybe it was an experiment. But they are supposed to do it away from the public because it can bring danger. We are hoping that the government can clear this situation to ease the mind of the public. Thanks for your post.

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