Communist Fronters Urge Obama to Fund Huge Jobs Scam

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Two leading communist front activists have called on President Barack Obama to use his executive authority to initiate a massive public job creation program.

In an op-ed posted on the far left Truthout website, Jeanne Mirer, president of the former Soviet front International Association of Democratic Lawyers and Marjorie Cohn, president of the I.A.D.L.’ s U.S. affiliate the National Lawyers Guild, urged President Obama to create by executive order a $300 billion federal jobs program funded by money from TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Fund).

The TARP funds have been approved by Congress already and are not subject to “Republican obstruction,” the authors argue.

Mirer and Cohn point out that Franklin Roosevelt created the Works Progress Administration (WPA) by executive order in 1936, employing 8.5 million jobless workers during its seven years of existence.

The Works Progress Administration was of course heavily infiltrated by the Communist Party USA, which used it to put thousands of communists onto the public payroll. These activists then used their positions to agitate and organize to push FDR to the left.

Clearly Mirer and Cohen want Obama to create another huge funding reservoir for today’s generation of communists and radicals. This will then be used to organize mass demonstrations, marches, seminars and conferences to pressure the Obama Administration even further down the socialist road.

This “pressure from above, pressure from below,” will be used to squeeze the U.S. middle class to extinction.

Will Obama oblige?

Fronts like I.A.D.L. and the N.L.G. are used effectively to transmit ideas and policies from the international communist movement to the U.S. communist parties and on into the Democratic Party and the White House

If you want to know what Obama and the Democrats will do tomorrow, look at what the communists are advocating today.

This is about advancing socialist revolution on the taxpayer’s dime – not jobs.

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  2. My guess is the $814 billion stimulus also included funds for communist/socialist activities. We’ve got to inform the GOP-side of Congress so they can prepare to take action when this rears it’s ugly head. I’ll send this article to Boehner right now. I hope others will too. His email is [email protected]

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