Thankful for the Headbuttr’

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Headbuttr’ has discovered she enjoys being inside the house more than outside with the rest of the Hobo Kitties. I find myself looking forward to her extended visits; sleeping with her head curled up to my hand while watching television or at the foot of the bed against my ankle. It was a year ago, almost to the day, when I snapped a few photographs of the close knit family: Brother, Headbuttr’ and Princess. At the time, Princess was the one who’d learned that being an inside kitty had its perks while the others kept their distance.

Over the past few weeks, Headbuttr’ has found opportunities to scurry inside; not to obtain treats or food, but to get personal attention and cuddles. We don’t call her Headbuttr’ for nothing as she snuggles against the back of our heads, steadily pushing and purring. Bubba puts up with her and has only pounced on her once to let her know who the real boss is.

We still see Brother from time to time when he comes over for a visit and to munch down a free meal; but he’s a true Hobo Kitty living around the neighborhood with no strings attached. Princess had only a short time with us before getting hit by a passing car almost a year ago.

Here’s the way things are with the rest of the Hobo Kitty crew… Pumpkin, formerly known as The Cat With No Name, likes to come inside, but doesn’t feel comfortable letting us touch her yet, all the while she meows as if she wants to be petted. Lightning, Puddin’ Head and Jaws will come inside for treats. Lightning likes to be touched, but not picked up, whereas Puddin’ Head likes to be cuddled. Thunder has turned into the most beautiful beast. A full bodied male with a vibrant ebony coat; very much like Brother. Morris keeps his distance as does Shadow. Silver Bubba will come in occasionally; but for some reason Bubba is ugly toward her and will chase Silver Bubba out of the house. We haven’t seen Mark Twain or Baby Silver Bubba in months; ever since there was a terrible thunder storm.

The weather has been warm and muggy going into Thanksgiving Day, but we’re promised a cold front sometime tomorrow afternoon which will drop temperatures from the mid 80’s down to the low 40’s. Headbuttr’ will have the advantage over the others as she basks in the comfort of central heating as the others huddle together in the garage.

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