One thought on “WikiLeaks Explained

  1. In many ways these leaks seem to be beneficial to informing the public as to what is going on with OUR MONEY!

    Everyone in the Afgan gov’t is taking handsful of money from us…and corruption is everywhere…Then on FOX yesterday they were interviewing Pres. Bush, Bono, et al…about the billions of dollars we are sinking in to Africa to fight AIDS…well, don’t know about the rest of you, but we have plenty to fight here with STD’s…and what kind of Continent/morality of the people is rife with AIDS? But here, we are cutting our Seniors off of Medicare!!! Now you tell me what kind of sense that makes! As far as I am concerned we need Wikileaks to make some disclosures about how the Congress is appropriating our tax dollars to everywhere but here, and giving our Seniors and those suffering from renal failure or some other life threatening disease…a government imposed LIVING WILL…DO NOT RESUSITATE!!!

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