Progressive/Marxist Dems Label Repubs Terrorists

Hat Tip: Brian B.

Pushing the meme of class warfare… Typical progressive. Could they be ANY more out of touch?

BREAKING: Claire McCaskill Calls For Violence If Dems Don’t Get Their Historic Tax Hikes: “It Really Is Time For Americans To Take Up Pitchforks” (Video)

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Always accuse the other side of what you are doing… It’s the same old tired playbook. Gateway Pundit asks: Project much, Chris?

Chris Matthews: GOP Meaner, Nastier & “Put the Heel to the Back of Your Neck” (Video)

Dem Senator: “Negotiating With Republicans Is Almost Like Negotiating With Terrorists” (Video)


Financial News Update – 12/4/10

Forget Pending Home Sales: These Key Charts Show More Housing Doom

Morgan Stanley: The Irish Bailout Backfired, And The ECB Won’t Save The Euro

China Reveals A Secret 500% Increase In Gold Imports

Thinking the Unthinkable

Will the Market Do What Western Leaders Cannot?

Democrat Senator compares Republicans to terrorists…

Wow: Bernanke Tells CBS That QE2 Isn’t Limited To $600 Billion

Bombshell Revelation: Angela Merkel Threatened To Leave Eurozone

Here Is A Lie That Someone Will Say About The Market Today

Former Head of Commodities For UBS America Arrested For Fraud

Jobless America Can’t Survive The Pressures Of $90 Oil

After Fights With Obama, Steve Schwarzman Is Leaving America

America’s Second Most Violent City Is Firing Half Its Police Department

Massive Strike Causes Spain To Close ALL Air Space Over The Whole Country

CHART OF THE DAY: The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever Is Now Really Scary Again

The 14 Most Shocking Recipients Of The Bailout Money That Was Supposed To Be For American Banks

Groupon Is Said to Walk Away From Google’s $6 Billion Acquisition Offer

Trichet Keeps Up EU Pressure as ECB Buys Bonds to Calm Investors

Senate Rejects Tax-Cut Plans as Negotiators Seek Compromise on Lower Rates

Spanish Flights Resume as Air Controllers End Strike After Arrest Threat

Wal-Mart, Carrefour Face Temporary Price Controls in Southwest China City

Saudi Shares Climb Most in Four Weeks as Crude Oil Approaches $90 a Barrel

JPMorgan, Ratings Companies Lose Bid to End Suit Over Mortgage-Bond Sales

Biden Calls for Middle-Class Tax Cut, Long-Term Jobless Benefit Extension

UN Aims to Revive Climate Change Talks Amid Rift Between Rich-Poor Nations

Senate Votes Down Bush-Era Tax Cuts for Middle Class Only

Obama Hails Trade Deal With South Korea

A Democrat Flips on a Tax Cut Campaign Promise

Rising Oil Prices Fuel Offshore Drilling Debate

Spain Declares State of Emergency Over Strike

Top Senate Democrats defect, join unified GOP


Chase Bank orders branch to remove Christmas tree

Reid, funded by casinos, pushes online gambling

Fed loan details show aid to European banks (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Joe Lieberman’s Campaign To Trample The First Amendment Is Proceeding Right On Schedule (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Sherrie Questioning All: Is The Govt. trying to Find out, Who has What now? I ask, because – Child Services Interviewed My Child – Wanted to Know if We Had Solar Panels, Exactly Where We Go Camping and Hiking , If have Alternative Energy, If Food Stored, Then Came to my House! Updated Article on 12/3/10 with Video Clips From Interview (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Moment of Truth – FiscalCommission.gov (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Goldman Sack Blows The Whistle On The JP Morgue Silver Manipulation Scheme (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

UAE says Gulf should review dollar peg – paper (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Deficit commission: What ObamaCare needs is … death panels (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Tax Cut Defeat is Progress, Could Lead to START Ratification (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Woah!… Wikileaks Documents Show Obama Administration Used Spying, Threats & Bribes to Get Support for Copenhagen Accord

Governor-Elect Nikki Haley To Obama: “The People of South Carolina Want Their Money Back”

Obama Touts Korean Free Trade Agreement Today After Bashing It During Election

REPUBLICANS BLOCK DEMOCRATS’ HISTORIC TAX HIKES …Update: Unified Republicans Pick Up Democratic Votes

Forget the Trillion Dollar Deficit: Dems’ DREAM ACT Will Cost US $6.2 Billion

FORGET JOBS… Democrats Will Introduce DREAM Act Next Week

For class-warfare Dems: A reminder about who “the rich” are; Update: Senate Dems’ demagoguery rejected

How High Does the Unemployment Rate Have to Get Before Dems Re-Think Tax Hikes?

Jobless Rate Jumps (altogether now) ‘Unexpectedly’

Dems’ screw-the-wealth-producers bill passes, Pelosi gloats

Jobless Recovery?: 25 Unemployment Statistics That Are Almost Too Depressing To Read

Well, our collective debt is starting to catch up with us. There is a sea of red ink on every level of American society. It is only a matter of time before it destroys our economy.

If you think that things are bad now, just wait. Things are going to get a whole lot worse. A horrific economic collapse is coming, and it is going to be very, very painful.

Hold the Brownies! Obama Set to Sign Bill Limiting School Bake Sales


The road to a US insolvency crisis

Disappearing Bank Accounts The article begins: “If you don’t have money outside the computerized banking system, you should do so now. You just never know when the system is going to go down.”

The Penniless Billionaires: A Tour of Inflationary Eras Past and Present

Cutoff of Jobless Aid Would Lower Economic Growth

Happy Holidays? 28 Hard Questions It Would Be Great If We Could Get Some Real Answers To

The Gold Standard Never Dies

Why Eric Sprott Sees Silver as the Next Big Investing Windfall

Iowa’s hardest years: Stories from the farms during the Great Depression


Madison Co. to Evict Man from Camper

Hat Tip: Brian B.

This man owns his 36 acres and his livestock. He owns the camper trailer. So what if he doesn’t have electricity, water or sewer? That’s his home and he OWNS it. Sounds like the government just wants his land. Fascists…

They are trying to set a precedent on this – some Constitutional attorney needs to represent this guy pro-bono – the attorney will get famous over it.