Madison Co. to Evict Man from Camper

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Hat Tip: Brian B.

This man owns his 36 acres and his livestock. He owns the camper trailer. So what if he doesn’t have electricity, water or sewer? That’s his home and he OWNS it. Sounds like the government just wants his land. Fascists…

They are trying to set a precedent on this – some Constitutional attorney needs to represent this guy pro-bono – the attorney will get famous over it.

One thought on “Madison Co. to Evict Man from Camper

  1. This is not right. His civil rights are being violated in a big way. “Land of the free”, ‘home of the brave”? Not according to the officials. How is this man hurting anybody else? On 36 acres? By himself with his animals? He isn’t. Somebody is zealous.

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