Progressive/Marxist Dems Label Repubs Terrorists

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Hat Tip: Brian B.

Pushing the meme of class warfare… Typical progressive. Could they be ANY more out of touch?

BREAKING: Claire McCaskill Calls For Violence If Dems Don’t Get Their Historic Tax Hikes: “It Really Is Time For Americans To Take Up Pitchforks” (Video)

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Always accuse the other side of what you are doing… It’s the same old tired playbook. Gateway Pundit asks: Project much, Chris?

Chris Matthews: GOP Meaner, Nastier & “Put the Heel to the Back of Your Neck” (Video)

Dem Senator: “Negotiating With Republicans Is Almost Like Negotiating With Terrorists” (Video)

2 thoughts on “Progressive/Marxist Dems Label Repubs Terrorists

  1. Shameful! They think their followers – their base voters – are really stupid.

    $700B over 10 yrs is $70B per year. It’s not a tax CUT, it’s a tax INCREASE of $70B in 2011.

    It doesn’t reduce the deficit. It gives more of Americans’ money to these politicians to spend.

    Look at the article on NoisyRoom about the $1.65 Trillion in Spending that doesn’t benefit America. Those are just a few items showing the kind of spending Obama is doing this year. As you’ll see, the Dems just want more money to feed their out-of-control spending, to distribute our country’s wealth to other countries, and to grow the government beast.

    Time to starve the beast.

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