Rich Leftist Mark Dayton Calls on Soros Help

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Far left department store heir and Minnesota Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful Mark Dayton said on December 2, 2010 that former President Bill Clinton will headline a fundraiser in New York City on December 13th to help Dayton pay for the recount of votes in the as yet undecided Minnesota Governor’s race.

Dayton said the event will be held at the home of financier George Soros. Dayton also said he’s is trying to schedule a fundraiser for December 15th that will be hosted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and others. Dayton says that fundraiser will go to his campaign. Dayton has raised more than $1,000,000 so far for the recount.

Dayton says he’s leading Republican Tom Emmer by about 9,000 votes after three days of counting.



By: Fern Sidman

Several hundred people gathered at The Helmsley Park Lane Hotel in Manhattan on Thursday evening, December 2nd, to honor Jonathan Lippman, the Chief Judge of the State of New York and the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals at the 2010 Pursuit of Justice Awards dinner, sponsored by the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists.

Founded in 1983 as the national affiliate of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, the AAJLJ represents the American Jewish legal community through its courageous work in safeguarding the civil and human rights of Jews and others in the U.S. and abroad. The AAJLJ fulfills its mission through the establishment of multifarious programs which include the sponsorship of regular events featuring speakers and discussions on topical legal issues, the promotion of the study of Jewish law and ethics through law school courses, seminars and publications, assisting the IAJLJ in utilizing its official international status as a United Nations Non-governmental Organization (NGO) to provide diplomatic and legal assistance to Jews around the world, its publication of the AAJLJ newsletter designed to keep members abreast of the Association’s activities and topical legal subjects, and through organizing law oriented missions to Israel.

Moreover, the AAJLJ participates in triennial world Jewish legal congresses in Jerusalem and in annual congresses abroad and conducts special Jewish content continuing legal education and other programs including special events at annual American Bar Association meetings. Stephen Greenwald, the president of the AAJLJ, described his organization as a “stand alone advocacy group dedicated to defending Israel in the court of public opinion and challenging manifestations of intolerance.”

Introducing the 2010 Pursuit of Justice awardee, Mr. Greenwald said of Jonathan Lippman, “he exemplifies and personifies the very best among us and is part of a seasoned and august group of judicial practitioners,”

Born on the lower east side of Manhattan in 1945, Jonathan Lippman was appointed Chief Judge of the State of New York by Governor David A. Patterson in January of 2009 and was confirmed by the New York State Senate in February of 2009. His career in the court system has spanned four decades. Starting as an entry level court attorney in the Supreme Court in Manhattan, Judge Lippman worked his way up the ladder through perseverance and a dedication to the improvement of the court system.

He was first appointed to the bench in 1995 by then Governor George Pataki as a Judge of the New York Court of Claims and from 1996 to 2007, he served as the Chief Administrative Judge of all New York State Courts – the longest tenured person ever to serve in that position. In 2005, he was elected as a Justice of the Supreme Court for the Ninth Judicial District and went on to serve as an Associate Justice of the Appellate Term for the Ninth and Tenth Judicial Districts.

Chief Judge Lippman is a product of the New York City public school system and received his B.A. in Government and International Relations in 1965 from New York University where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and cum laude. In 1968, he received his J.D. from NYU School of Law; the same year he was admitted to the New York Bar. Among the numerous awards and honors presented to Chief Judge Lippman are the William H. Rehnquist Award for Judicial Excellence from the National Center for State Courts and the Cyrus R. Vance Tribute of the Fund for Modern Courts.

As the 2010 recipient of the AAJLJ Pursuit of Justice Award, Chief Judge Lippman joins the ranks of a distinguished group of jurists who have previously received this auspicious honor including United States Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader-Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, both Clinton appointees, his predecessor as Chief Judge of the State of New York, the Honorable Judith S. Kaye who was the first woman to hold this position, Aharon Barak, the former president of the Supreme court of Israel, Nat Lewin, the legendary champion of First Amendment rights and civil liberties and Irwin Cotler, the former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.

Introducing Chief Judge Lippman was Harvard Law School graduate and retired Associate Judge of the Court of Appeals, Albert M. Rosenblatt. Judge Rosenblatt previously served as the District Attorney for Dutchess County from 1969-1975 and was a Dutchess County judge from 1976-1981. “Chief Judge Lippman is not only a true legal scholar and an astute analyst of the law, but he is someone who lives and breathes the words of the timeless and eternal biblical mandate, ‘Justice, Justice, thou shalt pursue’. This commandment enjoins us to zealously reach the pinnacle of justice and Judge Lippman has been in the forefront of spearheading of efforts to improve access to the courts for the general public and has aggressively sought out justice through his dedication to the reformation of the local court systems,” he said. He added that Judge Lippman is “someone who will not rest until the system is open and readily available to the poor and oppressed. And that means legal matters pertaining to a civil dispute, child support, foreclosures, debt and family oriented issues.”

Also addressing the gathering was Nathan Lewin, an attorney whose name is synonymous with Jewish causes and is the doyen of American Orthodox attorneys. Mr. Lewin has served as President of the Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington and for more than 30 years he served as the national vice president of the National Jewish Commission on Law and Public Affairs (COLPA). He is currently the Honorary President of The American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists and was president of the American Section of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists from 1992-1997. Mr. Lewin’s clients include Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin, the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League and the Kach political party in Israel, former President Richard Nixon, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, former Attorney General Edwin Meese and actress Jodie Foster.

“There is no time in history where the pursuit of justice is more important than today,” intoned Mr. Lewin. “It is the obligation and duty of judges to decide legal matters based on what is right and not render decisions based on public opinion. Judge Lippman exemplifies such jurisprudence and for that and much more, he is most deserving of this award,” said Mr. Lewin.

During his acceptance speech, Chief Judge Lippman spoke of his humble roots as “a young Jewish kid growing up on Manhattan’s lower east side,” recalling that as a youngster he remembered the local Jewish judges such as Sam Spiegel and Jack Markowitz. He went on to say that his first legal job, over 40 years ago, was as a legal assistant to the principal court attorney at 60 Center Street. “It is my firm belief that justice and fairness begins at home and it is incumbent on our court system to make sense of the law for all people, irrespective of background and income. We must take upon ourselves what G-d has laid out for us as our mission and that is to help both rich and poor, both high and low, and to provide access to the justice system for everyone, especially the working poor who cannot afford legal counsel.”

Speaking of the paramount importance of civil legal services, Chief Judge Lippman noted that the Legal Aid system’s efficacy is sorely lacking. “For every case that Legal Aid takes, they turn away eight or nine equally valid cases,” he said. “It is our constitutional responsibility to provide justice for the most vulnerable among us and for that reason I have called for $25 million in legal funding from the state. For every dollar that we spend in legal services, we will also be helping the state,” he said. Citing the economic downturn and its deleterious effects on the poor, Judge Lippman said, “Today, those whose income levels have dropped dramatically are facing real concerns about fundamental necessities such as keeping the roof over their heads and we cannot allow these people to fall off the cliff,” he ruefully observed.

“The courts are the glue that hold our system together and for that I take my role as Chief Judge very seriously,” said Judge Lippman. “We must dedicate our lives to the lofty concept of ‘tikkun olam’ of healing the world and we do that by making our obligation to perform good deeds and enact mitzvos as our number one priority. Working together to pursue true justice must be our common objective as we actualize the Biblical mandate of “Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof” which translates into “Justice, Justice Thou Shalt Pursue.”

The magnificently crafted glass plaque with this biblical verse along with Judge Lippman’s name was designed specifically for this event and was made in Israel.


Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is a Liar and a Communist Party “Friend”

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has been caught lying – on tape.

When Questioned by Minnesota radio show host Chris Baker, on 100.3 KTLK Radio at 6.00 am, December 2, 2010, over evidence that Ritchie was a “non-party friend” of the Communist Party USA, the Minnesota S.O.S. evaded the question and called the allegations a “political attack” and “horsepuckey.”

Here’s part of the Communist Party USA document that names Mark Ritchie as a “non-party friend.”

For the full four-page document go here.

For my five previous articles on Ritchie’s communist, socialist and George Soros ties, go here.

Mark Ritchie is not only a secret friend of the Communist Party, he is now a proven liar.

Mark Ritchie makes a big deal of the fact that he was “resoundingly” elected by the people of Minnesota. True – but if every Minnesota voter knew of Ritchie’s Communist Party ties, would he still have won?

Would Mark Ritchie’s Wellstone Action advisory committee colleague Al Franken be a Minnesota Senator today had not Mark Ritchie not overseen the 2009 Senate election recount?

Will Mark Ritchie’s Wellstone Action advisory committee colleague Mark Dayton become Minnesota Governor with the help of another Ritchie supervised election recount?

Mark Ritchie should be made to answer these charges properly – preferably under oath.

Please circulate this video and blog post to every Minnesotan you know.


Socialists Manipulate Illegals for Political Gain

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Veteran Democratic Socialists of America member, communist front activist and United Farmworkers leader Dolores Huerta, joined protesters at the San Antonio offices of Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, December 6.

At least 16 activists were on the 27th day of a hunger strike in support of passage of the so-called DREAM Act.

Seen by many as a back door method of achieving amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, the DREAM Act, would offer young people brought illegally to the U.S. by undocumented parents, a path to citizenship if they go to college or enlist in the military for two years.

Huerta’s support is not surprising as America’s largest Marxist organization, the D.S.A., has long been campaigning for amnesty in various guises.

Huerta’s fellow D.S.A. honorary chair and SEIU vice president. Eliseo Medina, is the most influential pro-amnesty activist in the country.

Medina let the cat out of the bag on the real reason for D.S.A.’s push for illegal alien amnesty during a speech At the America’s Future Now! conference in Washington, DC on June 2, 2009.

Medina revealed that legalizing 12 million illegal aliens would create at least 8 million new Democratic voters to create “a governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle…”

That’s what this is about. Huerta, Medina and their D.S.A. comrades are using Latinos to give their Democrat allies almost permanent power.

How cynical is that?


Chinese Communists Confer With Dem and G.O.P. Comrades

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

A bit like making friends with the Nazis in 1937.

Any Republican office holders involved in this shameful charade should be marked down for a serious primary challenge at the first opportunity.

From the Communist Party of China International Department website:

WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 — Senior officials of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the U.S. Democratic and Republican Parties on Friday concluded a two-day meeting designed to promote party-to-party exchanges.

The second high-level dialogue was co-chaired by Wang Jiarui, visiting minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, and former U.S. secretary of state Madeleine Albright and former assistant secretary of state Richard Williamson, who represented the Democrats and the Republicans respectively.

During the two-day event, the two sides conducted candid, open and in-depth dialogues over governance philosophy and practices, China-U.S. relations as well as major international and regional issues of common interest.

The CPC delegates introduced the main content and significance of the CPC proposals on the 12th five-year plan and elaborated on the CPC philosophy and practices of pursuing scientific, peaceful and harmonious development and its policies on major domestic and international issues.

Delegates of the Democratic and Republican Parties provided separate briefings on the current political and economic situation in the United States and major opportunities and challenges facing the country.

Wang said that through the dialogues, both sides have realized that as major political parties of the biggest developing country and the most developed country respectively, they are faced with similar tasks in the 21st century.

If the two sides conduct exchanges through candid communication from a strategic and long-term perspective, he said, it would be of great importance to a positive, cooperative and comprehensive Sino-U.S. relationship in the 21st century.

Wang hoped that both sides would continue to exchange views on global challenges, major international affairs and key issues in bilateral relations in the future in an attempt to consolidate the political basis for the China-U.S. relationship.

Albright and Williamson said the success of both the first and second high-level dialogues demonstrated strong desires from both sides to increase exchanges and the great importance both have attached to the party-to-party dialogue channel.

This mechanism has opened a new chapter of direct exchanges and communication between political parties of the two countries and constituted a new channel of strategic communication and all-around cooperation between the two countries, they said.

Albright and Williamson said the dialogue mechanism has become an important component of a maturing bilateral relationship in the 21st century and has provided fresh impetus for its growth.

Both sides agreed to hold the third high-level dialogue at an appropriate time.


Send in the Clowns

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Maybe elephants dropped a load on Main Street as Ringling Brothers came to town… While that isn’t the case, don’t take your brown shoes off just yet. Here in Houston, Texas, Harris County District (Activist) Judge Kevin Fine will hold hearings on the constitutionality of capital punishment prior to a murder trial in which the defendant could face the death penalty.

The problem with a District Court judge holding these hearings – he has no authority to do so. The State Court of Appeals and Supreme Court having already ruled on this issue. (Activist) Judge Fine’s job is to rule on the admissibility of evidence as it pertains to a particular case, not the constitutionality of laws already established.

(Activist) Judge Fine wishes to open this circus with testimony from various groups which oppose capital punishment in order to justify his own anti-capital punishment leanings. I’d written an article last March when this first came to light and mentioned that judges are required to follow the law as written; not legislate from the bench. This morning I read:

“The first witness called was Richard Dieter, the executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, a Washington, D.C.-based group that has been critical of capital punishment.”


“Dieter said his group’s review of these exonerations has shown that faulty eyewitness testimony, unreliable informant testimony and false confessions are some of the factors that have contributed to innocent people being wrongfully convicted.”

We might as well open the prison doors and let them all go. Witnesses are occasionally unreliable, we shouldn’t trust informants and every now and again a suspect confesses to a crime he/she didn’t commit. Our entire judicial system should be scrapped in favor of a perfect system, one yet to be found; but one which guarantees Utopian results.

While we’re at it, (Activist) Judge Fine can decide on other issues which don’t fall under his digression. Perhaps he can hold hearings on the oil industry and pretend to have an open mind on the subject; but stop all drilling for oil since one in a hundred wells might leak and destroy the world. (Activist) Judge Fine has plenty to do; send in the clowns.

This article has been cross-posted to The Moral Liberal, a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government & The American Constitution.”



By: Dave Logan

PEARL HARBOR TRIBUTE: Remember that it’s our responsibility to keep the memory alive and to pass this history on to the younger generations. Never Forget.

Below you will find videos, photos and many Pearl Harbor links related to that horrible morning 69 years ago. Take your time browsing through this post and feel free to pass it on to others.

Before you continue, though, take a moment to think about how your day is going. Then think of how their day must have been. Never forget them, honor them always, thank them, pay tribute to them.

**Attack scene from the movie PEARL HARBOR:


CBS RADIO NEWS BULLETIN. (“We interrupt this program”)



FDR addresses the Nation.


*Navy — 2001 — 710
*Marines — 109 — 69
*Army — 231 — 364
*Civilian — 54 — 35

Entire Pearl Harbor casualty list here. Chronology of events here. All things Pearl Harbor here.

USS Arizona Memorial

Admiral Kimmel removed, testifies before congress — (newsreel)

Bush creates World War II monument for Pacific.

**Today, from columnist Dennis McCarthy:

“Jack Rogo lifts his sleeve to display his pride and joy – a Pearl Harbor tattoo he designed and had etched on his upper left arm three years ago.

“When he was only 86.” — Continue reading.


Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques

Special Forces Units Ignore Memo, Save Lives