WikiLeaks, Bernanke and Hyperinflation

From: The National Inflation Association

NIA is deeply disturbed by how U.S. politicians and the mainstream media have been calling for WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange to be charged with treason. Some people in Washington are even calling for the assassination of Assange like he is some kind of a terrorist, all because he helped spread the truth about our country’s foreign policy and other sensitive topics. The U.S. is in very serious trouble if it has now become a crime to speak the truth.

In recent years with the help of the Internet, there has been a rise in alternative media sites that speak the truth, while the mainstream media has simultaneously experienced collapsing television ratings and newspaper circulation levels. CNBC’s average television show now only has 47,000 U.S. viewers in the 25-54 demographic, down 36% from one year ago. NIA’s latest inflationary depression update video has already surpassed 47,000 views, and we don’t have the advantage of being on cable television in 95 million American homes.

Americans today have an appetite for the truth. For decades, Americans were brainwashed into believing anything the mainstream media said as the truth. Now that America is waking up and realizing that they have been deceived and lied to their whole lives by the mainstream media, the media is losing its stranglehold over the public. The politicians and corporate elites who control the media are becoming very scared.

Although NIA is not a supporter of Assange, we are a supporter of constitutional rights and there is no more important constitutional right than our freedom of speech. If Americans don’t take a stand now to protect their freedom of speech, the U.S. government soon might make it a crime to warn Americans about the hyperinflation that is ahead. With the current path our country is on, there is a chance that as the U.S. approaches the point of hyperinflation, organizations like NIA will be made illegal to exist in the U.S. Those associated with NIA and organizations like us may one day be charged with treason or targeted for assassination, just for warning Americans to get out of fiat paper money (U.S. dollars) and into real money (gold and silver).

If there is one American who deserves to be charged with treason, it is Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Bernanke, this past Sunday on ’60 Minutes’, outright lied to the American public when he said that the Federal Reserve isn’t printing money. Less than two years earlier on the same television program, Bernanke admitted that the Federal Reserve is printing money. However, back then, nobody was questioning the Federal Reserve’s actions. Thanks to alternative media organizations that have worked tirelessly to help expose the Federal Reserve’s dangerous and destructive actions, Americans are starting to finally question the Federal Reserve and Bernanke is now clearly on the defensive.

Bernanke’s lie on ’60 Minutes’ that the Federal Reserve isn’t printing money is similar to the lie he made under oath on June 3rd, 2009, when he testified in front of Congress saying, “The Federal Reserve will not monetize the debt.” Today, the Federal Reserve is monetizing the debt (as admitted by both the Kansas City and Dallas Fed Presidents). When Bernanke uses the term “quantitative easing,” he is insulting the intelligence of Americans. “Quantitative easing” is nothing more than printing money.

Bernanke said in his interview that the purpose of the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” is to keep interest rates low, but the yield on 10-year U.S. treasuries rose to a new six month high today. The truth is, “quantitative easing” is causing interest rates to rise because all of the money being printed is about to cause an outbreak of massive price inflation. The yield on the 10-year bond has risen by 38 basis points during the past three days alone and is now up to 3.26%. NIA continues to believe that interest rates have seen their lows and yields on the 10-year bond will likely rise above 4% in the first half of 2011.

When the 10-year bond yield rises to above 4%, instead of Bernanke admitting that he lied to the American public and his money printing actually caused interest rates to rise, Bernanke will likely claim that his “quantitative easing” just wasn’t large enough. Bernanke will use rising interest rates as an excuse to expand the size of QE2 and/or possibly launch QE3. Remember, every 1% rise in interest rates means an extra $100 billion that will need to be spent each year on interest payments on our national debt. Rising interest payments on our national debt can only be paid by Bernanke printing even more money.

Bernanke promises that he won’t let price inflation in the U.S. rise above 2%, but all Americans who live in the real world realize that price inflation is already well above 2%. Whether it be food, gas, heat, clothes, healthcare, college tuition, entertainment, or just about anything else, prices have risen over the past twelve months for just about all goods and services in America by a lot more than 2%. It is a real shame that absolutely nobody in the mainstream media has acknowledged this fact and called Bernanke out on it. Bernanke deserves to be impeached for his previous acts of perjury and for blatantly ignoring the price inflation that exists all around us.

Bernanke is currently leading a misinformation campaign that will prevent the majority of Americans from preparing for and surviving U.S. hyperinflation. Bernanke’s misinformation campaign is similar to what took place in Weimar Germany in the 1920s when they experienced hyperinflation. In Weimar Germany, the misinformed public always focused on rising prices, but never understood that prices were rising because the German mark was losing its purchasing power.

The Germans believed that there was a shortage of marks and it was therefore necessary to print as many marks as possible. Germans placed all of the blame for their crisis on the symptoms of inflation. They blamed greedy tourists, selfish industrialists and profiteers, the wage demands of laborers, speculators in Germany who were buying foreign currencies and sending their wealth out of the country, and other nations that were buying up German assets with foreign currencies. They failed to grasp that it was their government’s own printing of marks and increasing the money supply that caused the inflationary disease.

Bernanke is trying to convince the world that he can create an economic recovery through “quantitative easing” (printing money), without creating price inflation, because he claims to have the tools to unwind the Federal Reserve’s massive asset purchases. He is trying to trick the world into believing that he has the ability to pinpoint an exact time in which the U.S. economy is recovering without massive price inflation, where he can exit his inflationary strategy before prices start to dramatically rise. Bernanke has no exit strategy that he can implement without sending the U.S. economy into the next Great Depression.

Bernanke, being a self-proclaimed scholar of the Great Depression, is not going to allow another one to occur. Bernanke didn’t like the market’s reaction when he allowed Lehman Brothers to fail (the only right decision he made during the whole panic of 2008). After the failure of Lehman Brothers caused the stock market to crash, Bernanke didn’t allow another major U.S. bank to fail. NIA predicts that we will one day see Bernanke attempt to launch his exit strategy by raising the Federal Funds Rate, but as soon as the stock market begins to go south like in late-2008, Bernanke will reverse his decision and either lower the Federal Funds Rate again or leave it at artificially low levels until the U.S. dollar loses all of its purchasing power.

One organization out there that has perhaps played the largest role in helping expose the Federal Reserve’s manipulation of gold and silver prices is the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA). NIA considers GATA’s President Bill Murphy to be a hero for having the courage to expose evidence of gold and silver price manipulation at the CFTC hearing on position limits that was held on March 25th of this year. A short time after the hearing took place, Murphy was leaving a restaurant less than two blocks from where he lives when somebody jumped out from behind a wall and sucker-punched him with brass knuckles. He was knocked out cold and thought his jaw was broken. NIA just conducted a shocking interview with Bill Murphy that we will be releasing Friday evening. You will definitely want to listen to this interview.

It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at: http://inflation.us.


Liar and Communist Party “Friend” Mark Ritchie Needs to ‘Fess Up’

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

New Zeal’s posts on Minnesota’s communist connected Secretary of State Mark Ritchie are all over the internet – including Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

Our video – Mark Ritchie is a Liar and a Communist Party “Friend” – has received over 5,000 views in less than two days.

At some point Mark Ritchie is going to have to answer a simple question.

“Did you, or did you not, attend the Communist Party USA meeting on December 5, 1999 at the May Day Bookstore in Minneapolis?”

A copy of the original “not for publication” Communist Party USA document, which names Mark Ritchie as an attendee, can be viewed here.

Please check it out and tell us whether you think I am justified in calling Mark Ritchie a liar.


Radical Muslims Threaten the Pope in London

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

This has to be seen to be believed.

R-r-r-r-r-adical Muslims Confront Pope Benedict XVI – at a Saturday 18 September demonstration in London.

Check out the segment from 4.20 to 4.35 for an example of religious tolerance.

“With the ideology of truth, we will dominate over all other ways, democracy, secularism, Christianity, Hinduism, Bhuddism. All of them will be under the foot of Islam. And so what?”

The following commentary is taken directly from Michael Waller’s Political Warfare blog:

“In this YouTube video, shot September 18, 2010, the protesters can be seen threatening the leader of the world’s Catholics with their “Pope Benedict, you will pay” chant, and holding signs calling for the seat of the Catholic church to be controlled by shariah law. (See the Center for Security Policy’s new report, Shariah – Threat to America, also released this week.)

The words are not overheated rhetoric – they are calls for the pope to be murdered, and a declaration of war on Christians and others.

At 2 minutes and 26 seconds into the video, a militant named Anjem Choudary changes the chant to “Pope Benedict, you will pay/Justice is on its way.”

“Justice,” under shariah law, requires Christians either to convert to Islam, be killed, or submit to Islamic rule as dhimmis.

Amid cries of “Allahu akhbar,” another militant, Abu Rayah, implies that Pope Benedict is a military enemy of Muslims, as a leader of the “crusades.” He exhorts listeners to recall that “this war against Islam and Muslims is military and ideological as well.”

Abu Rayah denounces Pope Benedict for criticizing Islam, and expresses hope that, “inshallah,” the pope will meet “the lions of Islam.”

The militant adds that anyone who insults the prophet Muhammad “deserves capital punishment.” (4:44-4:50)

“Benedict, watch your back!” chants another militant, “Sallahudin [the Muslim warrior who fought the Christian crusaders] is coming back.” (5:18-5:24)

Other cries, as well as signs, denounce Catholicism and Christianity as a “satanic” and “evil ideology.”

The protesters then chant, “Muslims, rise up!” followed by a call for “martyrdom or victory” and chants of “Benedict, terrorist.”

As the pope passed by in his armored vehicle, the Muslim protesters screamed insults in Arabic at him and chanted, “Burn, burn, burn in Hell.” (8:36)

The protesters were exclusively male, of various ethnic backgrounds, and obviously trained and organized. Even though they were not criminally violent, the code language they were using as understood by adherents to shariah law show that they should be considered a terrorist threat.”

Hard to disagree Michael. Why are not more moderate Muslims opposing this fanaticism?


The Real WikiLeaks Villian Is Not Julian Assange

By: Zombie
Pajamas Media

The Berkeley City Council plays a handy role in contemporary American politics: If you want to know what your opinion should be regarding any particular event, note carefully what the Berkeley City Council has voted on that week, and whatever they’re for, that’s what you should be against. In this instance, Berkeley is voting to give Bradley Manning — the traitorous ex-soldier who was the original source of all the “Wikileaks” documents — an award for heroism.

Berkeley’s sickening municipal resolution has received a smattering of media coverage here and there, but it hasn’t aroused the national outrage it deserves, for the simple reason that most Americans still don’t know who Bradley Manning even is. Bradley who? Shouldn’t Berkeley be giving an award to Julian Assange, just as so many other leftists have lavished praise on Wikileaks’ Australian-born head honcho?

Well, no. Say what you want about Berkeley, but they got it right this time, in their own sick way: If you’re going to praise the America-hating traitor responsible for this incident, your award should go to Manning, who actually leaked the secret government files, rather than Assange, who merely put them on his Web site.

read more…