The Gun – A Book Review

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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The AK-47 is arguably the most recognized, feared and utilized weapon in the world. It is a selective-fire, gas-operated 7.62x39mm assault rifle, first developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov. The designation AK-47 stands for Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle, 1947 Model. It is officially known as Avtomat Kalashnikova (or simply as the ‘AK’). Its low cost and ease of use is legendary…

In The Gun by C.J. Chivers, you are given an in-depth history of one of the most important weapons of all time. It is said there are now over 100 million of them worldwide. Used by police, soldiers, criminals, drug runners, jihadists, terrorists, guerrillas, dictators and fighters across the world – it is a weapon that has changed the world whether it is used for good or evil.

The Kalashnikov automatic rifle was born in Russia when it was a world power in the guise of the Soviet Union. The Cold War had just begun and the AK-47 was an invention that would revolutionize warfare. Simple to use and dependable, it was a lethal wonder and when used in competent hands, it could determine the outcome of a battle all by itself.

This gun is historic in its own right… It was brutally utilized in Eastern Europe to quell anticommunist uprisings. It was also used in Vietnam against American soldiers who found out the hard way that it was superior to the M-16s they were using. After 9-11, bin Laden raised it above his head and carried it as a threat to America. While the AK-47 was and is instrumental in saving the lives of our soldiers on any given battleground and in helping the US to protect freedom around the globe, it is also used effectively against us when our enemies come into possession of it.

I found The Gun to be a great read… It is laid out methodically and it is obvious that the depth of research that has gone into it is massive. From looking into the AK-47 and other firearms that have been stocked in armories and arms bazaars throughout the world, Chivers details their origins, designs, production, distribution, stockpiling and export. He captivates you with how they have been used in combat over time. He develops a timeline of how the assault rifle has evolved and how automatic weapons have been implemented from the Civil War through present day. He follows individual characters throughout history of war as well, detailing their exploits and follies in a colorful manner that is riveting. Chivers uses masterful recounts of leaders to make the world of war come to life as more than just a headline – you are transported there to relive what it is like to plan and carry out battles, to live and persevere through life and death encounters. He takes storytelling to new heights and you will learn more about the AK-47 than you had ever dreamed…

The Gun rewards the reader with a page turner that covers the history of arguably the greatest weapon of all time. His research is exhaustive and it will capture your mind and imagination from the first page. A fascinating read for anyone interested in weapons, military, international affairs and intrigue, the history of firearms in general, the history of the Soviet Empire, warfare and its evolution throughout history… It’s just a great story from beginning to end and I cannot recommend it enough.

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World Peace Council Amps Up Campaign Against U.S. Bases

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The old Soviet front World Peace Council, used to operate under the joint control of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the KGB. It is now run by Cuba and other communist parties from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. It also has considerable influence inside the United Nations.

The organization is amping up its international campaign against foreign (read U.S.) military bases.

This should be taken very seriously indeed.

As Glenn Beck would say – “pressure from below.”


Ellison: Democrats need to create a crisis

The Blaze: Congressman: Dems Must ‘Create a Real Crisis’ to Force GOP on Tax Cut

Classic Cloward and Piven – overwhelm the system:

Following the vote, Ellison told Minnesota public radio that he thinks Democrats “need to create a real crisis here so that the Republicans will have to answer for denying Americans unemployment benefits on the eve of the Christmas holiday. We let them off the hook in my opinion.”

Not convinced that the Progressive/Dems want to take us down? Then you better get a gander at this one (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner):

House Democrats institute ‘martial law’ to speed ambitious lame duck agenda

House Democrats Wednesday passed a resolution allowing them to rapidly bring any bill without normal procedural delays until Dec. 18, arguing the move will help them speed passage of their ambitious agenda for the remainder of the lame duck session.

Republicans slammed the move as Democrats instituting “martial law” in the House.

Progressives are using this so they can pass legislation on illegal immigration and don’t ask, don’t tell. They keep screaming that if they don’t get this done, the government will shut down and we are doomed. They are lying… They have already passed their funding for the government to keep it running. They are saying that if they can’t pass these spending bills, the government would come to a halt. Bull crap… This is extortion and since the progressives are so fond of the word ‘terrorism’ these days, right back at ya bud – this is financial and legislative terrorism with no respect for the majority view.