A Christmas Update

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By: T F Stern, GSP

I wanted to take a few moments to update you all as Fiercely Independent Locksmiths of America finishes out its first year; partial year to be more accurate. Our membership is growing, slowly but surely, with folks from Texas to Wisconsin and places in between; actually Wisconsin is part of North Texas, they just talk a little different.

Take a few minutes to count your blessings and, while you’re at it, thank the companies which have sponsored our website. Visit them via the links built into their spot advertisements, use their services or purchase products from them; but let them know you value their contribution to FILOA. These folks could have advertised anywhere; they chose to be with Fiercely Independent Locksmiths of America, Thank You!

Recently I posted an article on how to work on older style GM ignition switches. It can be found in the Members Only section. FILOA is always looking for well written technical articles, ways to improve our trade/profession. We don’t pay huge amounts so you won’t get rich or even make next month’s house note; but we do pay anywhere from $10 on up. You’ll be helping a fellow locksmith, apprentice locksmith or tinkerer while being able to see your name listed as author along with your picture should you include one. (Author’s picture should be made to fit 150 X 150 pixel square in order to transfer to WordPress format.)

The FILOA logo patches should be ready anytime now. Hopefully they will make it from the embroidery company in time for Christmas orders; however, these are quite detailed and take a little longer to produce. I will post a separate article with photographs of the finished product as soon as they are ready along with the cost per logo.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good…; I think that line’s already been used and I don’t want to be accused of plagiarism. Enjoy this Christmas Season, smile often and be grateful you’re into locksmith work and not a plumber’s helper up to your armpits in something that smells really bad.

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