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This morning I awoke to Fox’s economists declaring that 2011 would see accelerated, big growth in our economy. That retail sales and the change in political and financial stances are pushing us into huge growth. Bull crap…

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t feel to me like things are getting better. In fact, I feel like we are on the edge of a cliff and good strong wind would be all it takes to send us over the edge.

My family and I are not chancing it. I am stocking a year’s supply of food for our family and we urge all Americans, in fact, all people across the globe, to do the same. If we are wrong, then you have a cushion if you lose your job or money gets tight. Better safe than starving…

My favorite supplier is Emergency Essentials. They sell Mountain House freeze dried food as well as Provident Pantry food. Great prices and simply the best customer service I have ever seen. Their friendly staff will help you with all your questions and their site is awesome.

You can visit their blog or use their recipes that utilize the storage foods they sell. You can either buy food and supplies a piece at a time, or in 3 month, 6 month or year quantities for your shelves. They also have general survival items that are wonderful. I would highly recommend the Volcano II Collapsible Stove with Propane Attachment. Emergency Essentials also mails out catalogs, so you can browse on and off line.

Visit Emergency Essentials here or by clicking on the graphic on the upper left hand column of this site. Don’t risk your family’s safety – you won’t believe the sense of relief being really prepared brings especially when it comes to food.

One thought on “Stock Up On Food With Emergency Essentials

  1. Emergency Essentials is GREAT! I recently bought the Volcano II Stove from them – a Christmas present for my boys who love camping – and I’ll be shopping there again this week.

    You’re right that stocking up is so important. With all the uncertainty, and with the passage of the food bill that’ll have a big effect on our food supply, the best thing we can do is prepare right now.

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