Reid: Obama ‘Stealing Power’

Hat Tip: Brian B.

Breitbart.tv: Reid: Obama Trying to ‘Steal Power’ From Congress; Earmarks ‘Constitutional Duty’

Comment from YouTube: How in the hell did you people in Nevada EVER re-elect this asshole?

Answer: I lived in NV a long, long time. The elections are rigged and the good ole’ boys rule the roost there. It’s about power and money. It wouldn’t matter if every damn person in NV voted against Reid, he’d win. Look at how the unions rigged the votes against Angle. Vegas is a corrupt, hellhole. Reid comes from a long line of power-hungry assholes in NV. No shortage of them there or in DC…


Breaking news! TEA PARTIERS to read budget bill.

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot


Fellow Tea Partiers,

Arrangements are being made to get involved in a meaningful and attention getting activity to stop the earmark laden budget from being voted on. The Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Express, and other tea party organizations are going to “read the bill” in Washington DC and throughout the country, right along with Sen. Jim DeMint.

Please read the info below. It’s all spelled out.

Also, Sen. Bill Nelson is expected to vote for this behemoth. Showing up at his District offices to read the bill will garner media attention.

We don’t have much time to organize this… Sen Reid is expected to allow the vote to proceed around 6pm ET today.

From: Judson @Tea Party Nation

Sent: 12/16/2010 2:24:07 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Read the Omnibus approps. bill

Urgent! Participate in the National Omnibus Appropriations/Spending Bill Read-in!

Tea Party Nation, along with our friends at Tea Party Express, Freedom Works and other “we the people” groups are putting on the National Appropriations Bill Read-in. We need your help.

Starting this afternoon at around 6pm, in Washington, we will be reading the Omnibus Appropriations Bill in its entirety. We will be doing this along with the official reading that will be going on in the U.S. Senate.

We want you to do the same thing locally. Call your local Tea Party group and try to get together and start on this. Thanks to Harry Reid, we have very little time. But this is a good event to participate in.

To get involved, first, download the Appropriations bill. You can do it here (It is 1924 pages).


Find a venue. A twenty-four hour fast food restaurant that will let you use their facilities, or a public meeting room or a library or a mall. Any place you can.

Call your friends in your Tea Party group and get them involved.

Call the media. Let them know what is going on. Call your local talk radio station and get them involved. We estimate it will take fifty hours to read the entire bill. You can get started this afternoon, and run it through tomorrow and into Saturday.

When you get a reading going, post it in the forum on Tea Party Nation. IF you are looking for a reading, look in the forums.

If you are in the Washington DC area, we will have more information shortly on the reading on Capital Hill and how you can participate.

This bill is the last gasp of the desperate left. We can stop it. Get involved.


Anyone who agrees to put together a read-in, please let me know where, and a contact number.

We will need a contact name, phone number to the event (cell is fine) and location, time, etc…

We are sending the locations to Rep. Boehner’s office so he can get your local Rep. (assuming they are a friendly) to call the location where you’re doing the reading to show support.

They will also help with your local media.