Financial News Update – 12/16/10

Christianity with Cojones

Grocery prices grow by 1.5 times inflation rate

McConnell offers 1-page resolution in place of 1,924-page spending bill


SHOWDOWN: Gingrich Urges Fillibuster Of Omnibus Bill

Jerry Brown: California Budget Is “Much Worse Than I Thought — We’ve Been Living In Fantasy Land”

Der Spiegel: Under Berlusconi, Italy’s ‘Demise Is Unstoppable’

Bonds Routed, And Bulls Suffer Another Loss: Here’s What You Need To Know

David Rosenberg: We Just Got Bond Market Capitulation

Jeff Gundlach: The USA Can’t Handle A Surge In Interest Rates

16 Nightmarish Economic Trends To Watch Carefully In 2011

The One Chart Frightening European Leaders Into A New Bailout Strategy

Why It’s Awesome That The GOP Walked Out, And Torpedoed The Financial Crisis Commission

Omnibus will fund millions to Agenda 21 projects (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Mountain House Confirms Freeze Dried Food Shortage (Prepper Ping!) (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Private Sector Obliged to Work Off the Public Debt (Hat Tip: Brian B.)


Silver at $40 Will Be Best 2011 Metals Bet, Standard Bank’s Ikemizu Says (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

DeMint Drops Bid to Delay Action on New START (selling America OUT) (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Senate plans weekend work to ratify START, pass spending bill (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

U.S. Housing Starts Rise for First Time Since August

FedEx Profit Trails Estimates as Shipment Growth Slows

Tax-Cut Extension Vote in House Hinges on Estate-Tax Dispute

Kaufman Says U.S. Rebound Stalled by Housing, Labor Woes

Current-Account Gap in U.S. Widened in Third Quarter on Imports

Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Fell to 420,000 Last Week

General Mills Profit Misses Estimates on Higher Material Costs

Banks Push Fed to Curb Borrowers’ Right to Rescind Mortgages

Basel Rules Would Have Cost Banks $797 Billion This Year

Gross Puts $17 Million of Own Money Into Bond Funds After Drop

Bank of America Appeals $590 Million Lehman Ruling

$8B in Earmarks, But What Does It Cost You?

$11M Christmas Tree Unveiled in Abu Dhabi

23% Say USA Heading in Right Direction, Lowest Since Obama Took Office

Socialist president plays host to capitalism

REPORT: Obama told lawmakers not passing tax deal could end presidency

A $48 billion earmark

Biden To Republican Opposition: ‘Get Out Of The Way’ (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Is America the sick man of the globe?


JULIUS TO CONQUER WEB: FCC sets vote on ‘net neutrality’ rules

Senate GOP likely to force confrontation

Streisand glad Hillary not president: They’d have ‘blamed her gender’ for economic crisis

EU leaders to be warned debt crisis ‘systemic’

PAPER: Year of bullying, bluff and bailouts leaves euro fighting for its life

Greek anti-austerity strike turns violent

Putin: Moscow riots show need for stronger order

Court Rebuffs Obama on Warrantless Cellphone Tracking

Antsy Liberalism

The 111th Congress’s Final Insult

Ex-senators request earmarks totaling $141 million

Approval of Internet traffic rules likely: analysts (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

New day in court for health reform

The Tax Bill Passed by the Senate is Unconstitutional (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Moody’s ‘Threat’ Sends Gold, Silver Reeling

China: That Urban Empty Feeling

Red Meat Conservative: 6 Republicans Oppose Permanent Extension of Tax Cuts (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Has $48 Billion Earmark In Omnibus To Redistribute Wealth (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

VA Attorney General: If We Lose, Government ‘Will Be Able To Order’ People To Buy Anything (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

One Last Disgrace (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Obama quietly erasing borders

BREAKING: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Earmarks $48 BILLION to Pal Who Runs Child Day Care Center From Home With His Wife

Are You Kidding?… RNC Candidate’s Firm Worked to Secure Obama Stimulus Funds For Clients

Oops… Federal Judge Rules Liberal Fish Study That Forced Officials to Cut Off California Water Was Based on Junk Science

Democrats Likely to Pass New Internet Regulations Next Week

It’s All About the “O” …Obama Warns Dems If Bush Tax Cuts Don’t Pass, He’s Finished

Unbelievable… Democrat Asks For $48 BILLION EARMARK to Redistribute Wealth to Inner City

Compare and contrast: GOP vs. Dems’ plans to keep government in business

Biden Express: When Your Get-Well Card to a Saudi King Absolutely Positively Has to be There Overnight

Boston Tea Party: 237th anniversary

Crash the White House/Medicare czar closed-door meeting

McNanny-Staters Sue McDonalds

“Limited Dictatorships” of the Americas

Rome in Grip of Guerrilla Warfare (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Rush: Omnibus bill is a slap in America’s face (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Is China the Next Bubble? (Cont.)…

What a Spending Bill Should Look Like

Lame Duck Congress, Will You Please Go Now!

Threats to Economic Freedom in Belize?

Rep. Bachmann: Tax Bill Violates Article 1, Section 7 of U.S. Constitution (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Working Database of All Earmarks Included in the Omnibus Spending Bill (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

There’s One Terrible Data Series Hidden In The Empire State Manufacturing Survey

Need A Job? Too Bad! The Good Jobs Are Being Shipped Out Of America As Part Of The New One World Economy

2 Days to Print and 50 Hours to Read: GOP Will Recite Entire Spending Bill on Senate Floor

Limbaugh: ‘Maybe the Real Terrorists We Face Are on Capitol Hill’

Geithner: Gov’t Still Finding Ways to Influence Housing

Justice Scalia to Teach First Congressional ‘Constitution 101’ Class


US will lose AAA credit rating, says M&G’s Jim Leaviss.

Stocks, Bond Yields Rise As Fed Sticks By Stimulus

Good Signs: Retail Sales Up, CEOs In Hiring Mood

Stronger Reports, Fed News Push Treasury Rates Up

Stocks Fall As Euro Worries Overshadow US Growth

Factory Output, Low Prices Give Economy Boost

JP Morgan And The Great Silver Caper

“A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.” – Alexander Hamilton

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