One thought on “Mobile Prison Guard Towers Coming to a Walmart near You! Unbelievable.

  1. Will We Be Spied ON And X-Rayed To Death—By Government?

    Why does Wal-Mart need (manned) spy towers on mobile strategic platforms when Wal-Mart has cameras on its Super Center Roofs viewing parking lots? One might conclude U.S. Government made possible the spy towers at certain Wal-Marts as a trial run, to condition, intimidate and instill in millions of Americans shoppers—they are being watched. It is problematic that Wal-Mart mobile platforms might in addition to cameras, have infrared, (license plate and face recognition capability) tied to TSA/Homeland Security. If that is the case, one can envision police coming to Wal-Marts to drag off shoppers that—mobile platform-cameras identified having outstanding warrants. Why is U.S. Government hurriedly developing a police state? The Government is now using hundreds of (mobile X-ray vans) to scan without warrants—Citizens driving on roadways, when walking, standing—government and police can now use scanners to peer inside Citizens’ bedrooms.

    Is it only the War On Terrorism or is there another reason U.S. Government intends to establish millions of spy cameras on roadways, on public and private property? Meanwhile the Obama Government is ordering more X-ray scanners for airports; soon bus and train stops, the possibilities are endless? TSA has banned Americans flying without explanation; could government next blacklist Americans having access to enter shopping malls or private office buildings, even to see clients; or make it extremely demeaning that he or she visitor must be escorted in and out of non-government property?

    One can also envision outspoken Americans and writers considered dissidents or combatants by U.S. Government, subsequently being harassed, constantly questioned by police when driving to work, at checkpoints, when walking, driving around a City—being repeatedly forced to endure invasive pat down searches and x-ray scans. It is frightening to consider that a corrupt U.S. Government or quasi government agency could abuse government X-ray scanners, potentially over expose (targeted Citizens) to radiation—perhaps causing recipients cancer. Imagine the potential of over exposure for “Persons Of Interest” if repeatedly, forced to be scanned at checkpoints and other locations.
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    “Mobile Prison Guard Towers Coming to a Walmart near You! Unbelievable”

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