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Anyone paying attention and doing their own homework knows that the New START Treaty is dangerous and constrains our ability to protect our nation. The treaty gives Russia what they want, ensures America ’s vulnerability and fails to acknowledge Russia’s alliance with countries like Iran, China, North Korea and Venezuela.

Scott Brown’s failure to fully research the national security implications of the treaty, as well as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, before voting to ratify the treaty is inexcusable.

Now Scott Brown secures his place as one of the 13 Republican Senators who betrayed America by voting Yes on the New START Treaty.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Dr. Keith Payne, talks about Obama’s New START Treaty with Russia. Dr. Payne made these remarks at the Center for Security Policy’s National Security Group Lunch on Capitol Hill.

Scott Brown’s assault against America and our Constitution doesn’t stop with his vote to ratify the New START Treaty. We realize that Massachusetts is a liberal state, but he failed to fight legislation that even liberals oppose! In addition, he failed to recognize that while he comes from Massachusetts, his votes as a U.S. Senator affect the entire nation. To ask that he and all Senators uphold their oath of office isn’t too much to ask. More of Scott Brown’s record…

  • Food Takeover – he voted Yes on S.510, which now gives the federal government fascist control of our food supply. Liberals and conservatives who researched this bill opposed it.
  • Bank Takeover – he voted Yes on HR 4173, which gives the federal government fascist control of our financial system.
  • Net Neutrality – he did not oppose the federal government’s fascist control of our internet by signing the letter presented by 30 Republican Senators. Liberals and conservatives who researched Net Neutrality oppose it.
  • Gay Marriage as a Constitutional Amendment – he voted Yes on S.2220 in 2007 despite all of the laws already enacted to grant gay couples the same, if not more, opportunities and protections than straight couples. With only five State Senators supporting this in 2007, the bill failed to pass.
  • $15 Billion Slush Fund – He voted Yes on HR 2847 which gave Obama another $15 Billion Stimulus for his special interest union pals. Under the guise of an infrastructure “Jobs Bill,” unemployment has risen since its passage on March 17, 2010 and Obama admitted publicly that there are no shovel ready jobs.

Scott Brown is up for re-election in 2012. Unless he openly recognizes the damage he’s inflicting on our country by voting for unconstitutional legislation and a dangerous treaty, it’s time to search for someone else… a constitutional and fiscally responsible person who can run against Scott Brown in the 2012 primary election.

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  2. “Liberals and conservatives who researched Net Neutrality oppose it.”

    I have yet to find a single conservative poster on freerepublic, where you posted this, who has actually researched it. Instead I find a lot of people who think NN is the same as the Fairness Doctrine when it isn’t.

    How do you explain this?

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