MAINE MANIACS – Olympia Snowe (R) & Susan Collins (R)

By: AJ

What can I say about Maine’s Senators that you don’t already know? Yes, they voted to ratify the dangerous New START Treaty and they failed to research Russia’s alliance with countries like Iran, China, North Korea and Venezuela.

To ensure Senator Collins’ vote in support of the treaty, it appears she received a letter according to the Washington Post:

“For example, concern was ignited across Europe recently when stories appeared about Russia moving tactical nuclear weapons near the border of NATO countries. During last week’s Senate treaty debate, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates had to explain in a letter to Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) that a short-range ballistic missile unit had long been stationed near Russia’s border with Estonia. They added that Moscow had announced that its newer SS-26 short-range missiles would be stationed there.

Recognizing the unease such actions cause, the Clinton-Gates letter went on: “Although this deployment does not alter either the balance in Europe or the U.S.-Russia strategic balance, the U.S. has made clear that we believe Russia should further consolidate its tactical nuclear weapons in a small number of secure facilities deep within Russia.”

Their comment about the Russians moving their tactical weapons east and far away from Russia’s borders with NATO countries brings up what will be the first sticking point in dealing with Moscow about the weapons.

Despite the “R” next to their names, both are clearly Progressives. Senators Snowe and Collins have voted in favor of unconstitutional and fiscally irresponsible legislation time after time. Yet in election after election, the voters of Maine keep them in office. These “career politician” Senators have been in office since the mid-1990’s; Snowe was first elected in 1994 and Collins in 1996. Violating their oath of office is a common occurrence.

Here are just a few of the fascist and unconstitutional bills they’ve recently voted for:

o Food Takeover
o Bank Takeover
o $814 Billion Stimulus Bill
o Cash for Clunkers
o NEA Funding
o DADT Repeal
o Cap and Trade as part of a 2008 Senate Amendment
o $15 Billion Stimulus Slush Fund
o Forced Volunteerism and Child Recruitment
o Sonia Sotomayor Confirmation
o Elena Kagan Confirmation

Here is a couple that Senator Collins voted against:

o Prohibiting Earmarks
o Requiring Completion of Border Fencing

Olympia Snowe is up for re-election in 2012 and Susan Collins in 2014. Is it possible to find constitutional any fiscally responsible people in the state of Maine who can run against these Senators in the primaries?

Regardless… Snowe and Collins join the 11 other Republican Senators who are traitors to America because of their vote to ratify the New START Treaty which is a huge mistake for America.

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