The Chicago Machine At Work

By: Nancy Morgan

I’m going to go out on a limb and make a public prediction. Rahm Emanuel will be Chicago’s next mayor.

How do I know this? I’m not an expert, political heavyweight or a Chicago insider. I know Rahm will soon be called “His Honor” because I have something all the experts and political pundits are lacking: common sense and an ability to connect the dots.

Rahm Emanuel is the quintessential political insider. He is one of the premier power brokers of the notoriously corrupt Chicago political machine. The same machine that was responsible for a lowly community organizer named Obama going from unknown nobody to President of the free world in the space of a few years.

Rahm’s first job post-graduation was as a community organizer. Sound familiar? He then proceeded up the chain of the Chicago machine as the senior advisor and chief fundraiser for Richard Daley’s campaign for Chicago mayor.

He then parlayed his astounding arm twisting, oops, fundraising ability into Director of Finance for Boy Clinton’s presidential campaign in 1992, which earned him the powerful position of senior advisor to the Clinton White House.

Emanuel left the White House in 1998 to work as the Managing Director for investment banking firm, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, in Chicago. In 2000, President Clinton named Emanuel to the Board of Directors for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Freddie Mac. During this time, it is estimated Rahm made more than $18 million.

After a brief stint in the House of Representatives, which position he resigned November 6, 2008, Emanuel catapulted from lowly public servant to Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama.

Based on Emanuel’s stellar political rise, I have to ask myself: Why would this man give up one of the most powerful jobs in the world in order to roll the dice that he, one of over a dozen contenders in Chicago’s Mayoral race, would indeed become the elected mayor of Chicago? My answer: He wouldn’t – unless the fix was in.

The only significant requirement for running for Chicago Mayor states that candidates must have “resided in the municipality at least one year next preceding the election.”

Under the law, Rahm Emanuel missed out by over half a year, because he resided in Washington DC until October. How then could the Board of Elections have ruled that he was eligible?

A day before the Board of Elections ruled that Rahm was, indeed, a Chicago resident, a hearing officer jumped the gun and told the media how the Board would rule, before the Board actually ruled. It’s quite possible the Board’s decision was not determined in advance. It’s possible that the video that surfaced of Rahm’s Chicago home posted for sale on You Tube was, as Rahm said, a “typo.”

It’s also possible that Rahm actually left boxes in storage at his old abode, despite his tenants declaring otherwise. Tenant Lori Halpern said: “There have never been boxes in the house that were not my possessions.” No-one has proof that the photo of stored boxes Rahm provided was not genuine.

No-one can prove that the Board of Elections ruling was a foregone conclusion, despite the fact that their ruling was based on a novel concept: “The question is not whether the candidate resided there during the prior year at all, but whether or not the candidate, once having held residency, whenever it occurred and however long ago, had ever renounced it.”

No-one can prove anything. But one can draw conclusions based on a series of coincidences.

The day after the Board of Elections defied their own written requirements and gave Rahm the go ahead to run for mayor, Illinois state Sen. James Meeks, in a surprise Christmas week announcement, withdrew his candidacy for Chicago mayor. No-one can prove that this wasn’t just plain old good luck for Rahm.

More good luck for Rahm followed two days later:

State officials are investigating how phony signatures and stamps from notaries wound up on the nominating petitions of four of the candidates running to succeed Mayor Richard M. Daley. In the latest mystery, investigators are focusing on the cottage industry of paid signature gathers who help candidates collect names to get them on the ballot.

Again, it can’t be proven that Rahm had anything to do with this “mystery.” I’m sure in the coming days, more “mysteries” or scandals or discrepancies will surface that will further pare down the list of candidates. And eventually Rahm will be the only viable candidate left standing.

Since I’m not a resident of Chicago, why should I care that the fix is in? I guess I’m just plain fed up with being manipulated and deceived by the good old boys who give voters the illusion of democracy when in fact, most decisions are still made behind closed doors. And, no – I can’t prove it. I just rely on history and common sense. And the voters in Chicago should, also.

Not that it will do them any good. His Honor Emanuel is a foregone certainty. No matter how they vote. The fix is in. I can’t prove it. It’s possible I’m wrong. But not very probable.

UPDATE: Friday 31, 2010
U.S. Rep. Danny Davis withdrew his candidacy from the Chicago’s mayor race Friday, leaving former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun as the only remaining prominent black candidate in the campaign

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for conservative news site RightBias.com. She lives in South Carolina.


Voice of the Copts Condemning the Uncivil, Barbaric and Fascist Attack Against a Coptic Church in Alexandria

By: Ashraf Ramelah
Voice of the Copts

No more tolerance against terrorism.

Voice of the Copts strongly condemns the barbaric act committed this morning in the early hours of the New Year against Coptic worshipers at a church in Alexandria, Egypt.

The car bomb attack carried out by Arab Muslims against innocent people leaving their place of worship is a cowardly act and a clear picture of the real face of the so-called Religion of Peace.

Voice of the Copts urges the entire civil world to stand up and counter this new wave of violence against civilian non-Muslims. 

We condemn the Egyptian regime and its ruler Mubarak in neglecting to defend and protect all citizens and for becoming a part of the terrorist network of attacks against Christians of Egypt and Christians around the world. 

The massacre of Copts on New Year’s Eve is not the first and will not be the last. We are certain that Mubarak and his regime will allow further attacks as part of the Islamic attempt to conquer and cleanse the non-Muslim population.

Voice of the Copts demands an international investigation into today’s murder of innocent people and all past crimes which have not been brought to justice.

In the 2011 New Year, we resolve to raise our voices even louder and more forcefully against the Islamic agenda in Egypt, the Middle East and the entire world and to reveal its true nature.

Voice of the Copts is asking all free men/women in the United States and western countries to join together to form a coalition to counter this Nazi fascist system.

We must combat this evil. We must not tolerate the intolerance of human rights and freedom.

Update: Shameful…


Obama Releases Statement Following Deadly 1-1-11 Terror Attacks: Won’t Blame Islamic Radicals & Says Muslims Were Victims


Muslims Celebrate New Year with Car Bomb at Church in Alexandria, Egypt

Voice of the Copts

An explosion went off in front of the Coptic Christian Church of Saints in Sedi Besher in Alexandria, Egypt. The explosion occurred sometime after the beginning of the New Year.

The explosion hit the Coptic Church during their traditional prayer meeting in celebration of the New Year.
Information indicates that at least forty-five congregants are dead. There are several more injured along with others trapped inside the church.

Conflicting information is reaching our office which indicates that several dead bodies are on the sidewalk as well as inside the church.

The blast went off about twenty minutes after midnight. An eyewitness indicated that an explosion went off from a parked car outside the church.

It has been reported that at least forty-five persons are dead from an explosion taking place two minutes after drivers of a car fled after parking their car between two other cars in front of the church. The explosion took place causing the cars on either side of it to explode at the same time.

The Islamic effort to cleanse the Middle East from Christians has increased.

Four years ago in April, a Coptic man was killed next to the main entrance when an Arab Muslim stabbed him with a knife. The attack occurred on the last Friday of fasting before Easter. At that time and prior to any investigation, the governor of Alexandria indicated that the attacker was mentally ill.  

As of right now, the Egyptian regime and its Islamic court have not issued any verdict in this matter. 


“Ignore Climate Fakirs and Shamans”

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

More common sense from Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Australian based Carbon Sense Coalition:

The Carbon Sense Coalition today accused governments in many western countries of wasting resources on the trivia of the Climate Change Industry while ignoring infrastructure needed to help people cope with real weather crises.

Speaking from his rain sodden property in flood ravaged Queensland, the Chairman of Carbon Sense, Mr. Viv Forbes, said politicians need to get back to climate reality.

“Climate Change and extreme weather are always with us. The weather gods are blind to our sacrificial offerings – we will not change the weather by crucifying the public with carbon taxes and ration cards. What they really need is weather-proof transport, water and electricity infrastructure.

“That won’t change future climate either but it will allow us to cope better with whatever weather we get.

“Queensland has wasted millions on the global warming industry, mostly on tokenism. Residents would be better off had they spent it on water storage, flood gauges and flood-proofing of highways, railways and airports.

“Europe and USA have wasted billions on the global warming industry. Residents would be better off had they spent it on reliable power stations and snow-proofing of highways, railways and airports.

“Climate change and extreme weather have endangered every generation of humans. But this is the first generation that has sacrificed its savings on the altars of the climate gods instead of preparing for whatever weather shocks we may encounter.

“We can forecast and control the weather” has always been the false promise of fakirs and shamans. This is usually accompanied by self flagellation and the sacrifice of some innocent victim.

“Today the fakirs flagellate ordinary folk with carbon taxes and plan to crucify an innocent angel of life, carbon dioxide.

“Sensible people make sure they have the equipment to cope with extreme weather events.

“It’s time to ignore climate fakirs and shamans, and cease paying tributes to them.”

Poetic and true Viv.