Voice of the Copts Condemning the Uncivil, Barbaric and Fascist Attack Against a Coptic Church in Alexandria

By: Ashraf Ramelah
Voice of the Copts

No more tolerance against terrorism.

Voice of the Copts strongly condemns the barbaric act committed this morning in the early hours of the New Year against Coptic worshipers at a church in Alexandria, Egypt.

The car bomb attack carried out by Arab Muslims against innocent people leaving their place of worship is a cowardly act and a clear picture of the real face of the so-called Religion of Peace.

Voice of the Copts urges the entire civil world to stand up and counter this new wave of violence against civilian non-Muslims. 

We condemn the Egyptian regime and its ruler Mubarak in neglecting to defend and protect all citizens and for becoming a part of the terrorist network of attacks against Christians of Egypt and Christians around the world. 

The massacre of Copts on New Year’s Eve is not the first and will not be the last. We are certain that Mubarak and his regime will allow further attacks as part of the Islamic attempt to conquer and cleanse the non-Muslim population.

Voice of the Copts demands an international investigation into today’s murder of innocent people and all past crimes which have not been brought to justice.

In the 2011 New Year, we resolve to raise our voices even louder and more forcefully against the Islamic agenda in Egypt, the Middle East and the entire world and to reveal its true nature.

Voice of the Copts is asking all free men/women in the United States and western countries to join together to form a coalition to counter this Nazi fascist system.

We must combat this evil. We must not tolerate the intolerance of human rights and freedom.

Update: Shameful…


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