Specter of Communism in NYC

Hat Tip: Brian B.

They are loud and proud and coming out of the Communist closet evidently… This country is infected with their leftist, Marxist, communist diatribes and dogma – we need to clean house of this disease before it takes America down. Their agenda and twisted ideology needs to be rejected by all Americans. I disagree with the narrator – this is about as unpatriotic as it gets in America. It is no accident that RT America put this out. It is Russian/communist propaganda. Here’s their description:

As the first sentence of the Communist Manifesto goes, “the specter of communism hangs over Europe.” In the US, the specter of communism hangs over the bottom floor of a brick building on the West side of downtown New York City. Communism is no bogeyman, and more and more people are flocking there to discuss new solutions to America’s economic and social problems.

Subversive, dangerous and shameful…

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