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Ben Lang is only 15 years old, but with an idea and a computer, he’s created quite a business for himself.

During these tough economic times Ben thought he could help people transform their “junk” into cash by creating an eBay website and selling their unwanted items for them online. Instead of a 30% commission, he only charges 15% and he’s made about $4,000 so far.

Ben’s idea helps put cash in the hands of his customers, himself, and the State and Federal government via the taxes he pays on the income he earns. The customers who purchase the items from Ben’s eBay website are also helped in that they’re able to get the items they want.

But it doesn’t stop there because Ben, like most entrepreneurs, donates some of what he earns to charity. So you can see that there are many winners and no losers through Ben’s idea and efforts.

The free market system that our Founding Fathers gave us (i.e. capitalism) is what makes this American Dream possible for Ben and all those who benefit from what Ben has created.

Ben Lang’s Successful eBay Business At Age 14 – Channel 12



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