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Cynthia Tucker always knew she would start her own business someday. She got her degree and learned a great deal when she worked at Walt Disney and then as an event planner for Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks.

It appears that Cynthia didn’t get her job at Walt Disney or DreamWorks from a union boss, and it wasn’t the government who gave her employment at those private companies. She got the jobs the same way the rest of us do… it was her education, ability, experience, work ethic and professionalism that enabled her to secure those positions. She was the right person with the right qualifications when the companies needed someone with her abilities.

Her DreamWorks position provided a wonderful opportunity to attain the skills she needed to someday run her own business. When she was ready to start her own event planning company she called it “Ladybug Productions.”

Although it took awhile for her to build up her business enough to support herself, Cynthia made the personal sacrifices, persevered and achieved her lifelong dream of owning her own business.

Cynthia hopes to be able to build her business into its own office space and to hire a full-time assistant. As she continues to work hard and increase her profit, she’ll be able to expand and others will benefit from her sacrifice and effort. Her customers already benefit because they’re getting beautifully planned events from Cynthia.

Needless to say, the State and Federal government also benefit from Cynthia’s hard work because she pays taxes on the money she earns.

Our U.S. Constitution makes our Republic the freest country the world has ever seen and our free market system (i.e. capitalism) is what gives the opportunity to make the American Dream possible for Cynthia and all those who benefit from what Cynthia has created.

Click Here: Success Story of Cynthia Tucker

Video caption: “Cynthia Tuckers passion for owning a business comes from a long line of family entrepreneurs. With all of this influence and experience among entrepreneurs in her family, it was only fitting she follow in her family’s footsteps. Ladybug Productions ( is a company that specializes in the planning and coordination of social events. The company has a list of vendors it works with to help coordinate the functions. The name ladybug has special meaning to Cynthia because it was her nickname as a child. The idea to start a company that focuses on event coordinating came from her years at Walt Disney. Since then, her idea has blossomed into a well-established company that is known for its credibility among the entertainment industry as well as the private sector. Today the business is moving along the path Cynthia envisioned for it. With last years profits exceeding $50,000 she hopes to take the company along a five-year stretch that will guide it into an office space as well as a full-time assistant working alongside her.”



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