3 thoughts on “Man attacked by teens at DC Metro — bystanders watch, film, do nothing.

  1. This is they type of criminal activity that makes a liberal vote Republican. Find these animals and punish them severely. Fine their parents heavily. Sue the city and the coddling local government for their inaction.

    New laws, tough enforcement and more vigilant security is needed in the Metro stops, especially Chinatown and many of the others. This violent attack on this innocent man by these thugs (a label they’d likely hold with pride) reminds me of racist attacks in the 60s. In many ways it is.

    Write letters to the editors of newspapers and television. Lobby local law enforcement and politicicans.

    These attackers must be caught and brought to justice!

  2. What do you expect? Two words for you – rampant illegitimacy. Unwed mothers are inadequate heads of household. These scumbags are more likely than not the bastard children of unwed mothers who are themselves the the bastard children of unwed mothers

    Get a clue women. Keep your legs together or learn how to use birth control

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