An Unsung Hero of the Arizona Tragedy

By: Wayne Leeper
A Land Called America

By now most folks with internet or radio or TV News probably know that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot this morning in Tucson at a community event at a Safeway grocery store. Current reports have at least 13 people wounded in this tragedy and 6 dead. Among the dead, a 9 year-old child and a federal judge.

What is not in the news yet is that among the dead is Dorwin Stoddard who threw himself in front of his wife Mavy to keep her from being shot. She was wounded in her legs. Dorwin was a member of the Church of Christ.


7 thoughts on “An Unsung Hero of the Arizona Tragedy

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  2. Not sure what his church affiliation has to do with protecting the person he loves with his life. Love is not based on where you go to church or if you even believe in God. Mr. Stoddard showed that his most important affiliation was that of being one of the better part of the human race.

  3. You have sown the wind but you deny that you helped bring about the whirlwind.

    Perhaps everyone will find the courage to stop pointing fingers, to stop saying “the other side does it to” and reflect for a moment on what the sad, hateful level of political discourse in this country has brought us.

    I look at this page and I don’t see a message of peace. For the love of God and our country think about what you are doing.

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  5. Let’s be careful not to infer the wrong things from this tragedy. This is the work of one (or two) seriously disturbed individuals. This is not fallout from the Tea Parties; this is not the result of a “climate of violence” generated by the Right.
    I am from AZ district 8. Representative Giffords is my rep. She is an honest, caring person. If some imagined violence prone part of the movement actually existed and was bent on assassination, they would hardly have picked Gabrielle Giffords as their target.

  6. We have never condoned violence on this blog. We have urged people to vote and to educate themselves. The majority of hate rhetoric I hear is on the left, from progressives and Marxists. And they would love the right to be quiet like you suggest.

    The killer was a leftist. Look it up. We will never just willingly submit to tyranny because it will give us peace. Listen to the left and the hate they spew – they are egging this on and the people who are manipulating the left like Van Jones are pushing it.

    Before you cast aspersions on this blog, me, the Tea Party, the right or conservatives, I suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror.

  7. To LC in Kansas, below is the bio the Wall Street Journal posted on Mr. Stoddard. You may dislike it, but church was a significant part of Mr. Stoddard’s life. Don’t tell me you’re one of those intolerant leftists??

    “A retired construction worker, Dorwan Stoddard attended Rep. Giffords’s constituent event with his wife, Mavy. After a prayer and a few songs Sunday at Mountain Avenue Church of Christ in Tucson, Minister Mike Nowak, who visited Mrs. Stoddard in the hospital, described what happened to the couple.

    “Mavy said she heard firecrackers going off, but Dory knew better and knew they were gunshots. She didn’t know she’d been shot because she thought Dory had hurt her leg by falling on her,” Rev. Nowak said.

    Mr. Stoddard, an avid Arizona Wildcats fan, and his wife were involved in benevolent and maintenance ministry. They cared for sick people, helping provide them with transportation, and Mr. Stoddard kept the church facilities in proper condition…”

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