Statement By Ashraf Ramelah President, Voice of the Copts

By: Ashraf Ramelah
Voice of the Copts

Regarding Public demonstration of Copts on January 9, 2011 in Milan, Italy: We are appalled at the Copts’ rejection of fellow protesters who were draped in the Israeli national flag as a show of solidarity with Israel and the Jews.

We strongly condemn the actions of those Coptic Christians (mostly immigrants living in Italy) against the Italian citizens who joined them for the same fight against a common enemy.

This display of anti-Semitism has no place in our struggle for freedom in the world today.

Voice of the Copts stands together with the Jews of Israel and Jews around the world to confront the vicious attacks stemming from a religious and political ideology aimed against each and every one of us who are non-Muslim.

Furthermore, as Christians we stand upon the Biblical precept that we are grafted into the promises of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a legacy which serves as the basis of our support of the Jews and their inheritance and we join with them in their suffering.  

Those of us who live in Egypt or have loved ones there, may in fear or ignorance act out against the Jews, but these sentiments are in no way right or acceptable and will surely lead to devastating results for Copts, politically and religiously.

In addition, as Israel is a sovereign state recognized by the entire world, including the Egyptian regime, Copts have a choice to either align themselves with Islamic hatred or to align themselves with the official stance of their government. There is absolutely no justification for the former, for even if this position actually serves to reduce the Islamic bomb attacks, shootings and kidnappings which take place regularly against Copts, which it clearly does not, it is unconscionable.  

We thank God for Israel, the one free democratic country within the Middle East. We pray for their prosperity and safe-keeping. May America and European countries continue to support and strengthen Israel!


College Bubble Set to Burst in 2011

From: National Inflation Association

The National Inflation Association believes that the United States has a college education bubble that is set to burst beginning in mid-2011. This bursting bubble will have effects that are even more far-reaching than the bursting of the Real Estate bubble in 2006. College education could possibly be the largest scam in U.S. history.

NIA’s advice to the youth of America today is to think for yourselves. Don’t get suckered into overpaying for a college degree that is worthless because everyone else has one. College is only worth attending if you plan on actually learning something there. If you are only going to college because you think a piece of paper is going to help you find a job, you would be much better off skipping college and entering the workforce right now at any entry level job. Your experience will benefit you more than any piece of paper.

The median U.S. home price is currently $170,600, down 26% from its peak of $230,200 in July of 2006. The Dow Jones is currently 11,672, down 18% from its peak of 14,198 in October of 2007. Oil is currently $91 per barrel, down 38% from its peak of $147 per barrel in July of 2008. After the financial panic of 2008, the U.S. saw a collapse in the prices of just about all assets, goods, services and commodities. Between lost stock market and home equity wealth, Americans lost $10.2 trillion in paper wealth in 2008 and have only recouped a fraction of it since then.

College is the only thing in America that never declined in price during the panic of 2008. It actually rose in price substantially. The annual tuition for a private four-year college was $21,235 in the 2005-2006 school year. Despite Real Estate beginning to collapse in late-2006, college tuition rose by 4.6% in the 2006-2007 school year to $22,218. Despite the stock market beginning to collapse in late-2007, college tuition rose by 6.7% in the 2007-2008 school year to $23,712. Despite oil and other commodities collapsing in late-2008, college tuition rose by 6.2% in the 2008-2009 school year to $25,177. Even after the Dow Jones crashed to a low in early-2009 of 6,469, college tuition still rose by 4.4% in the 2009-2010 school year to $26,273.

Annual tuition for a private four-year college in America is now $27,293, up 29% from five years ago. Meanwhile, the employment situation in the U.S. has deteriorated. There are currently 130.7 million non-farm jobs in America, down 3% from 134.5 million U.S. non-farm jobs in December 2005. 3.8 million jobs have been lost, while the U.S. population has grown by approximately 14 million people during the same time period. We would need to have seen the creation of 6.7 million non-farm jobs just to stay even, but now we are 10.5 million jobs short.

All across America, thousands of students are graduating law school each year with $250,000 in debt, but with no jobs at law firms available to them. 15,000 attorney and legal staff jobs have disappeared since 2008, yet 43,000 law degrees are being handed out each year. Law degrees are losing their value faster than the U.S. dollar is losing its purchasing power. Lawyers are non-producing workers that do nothing to create any real wealth for society. The artificially high incomes of lawyers are made possible entirely by inflation, which steals the wealth from hard working goods producing middle-class Americans and transfers it to those who add no real value to society.

The service sector currently makes up 76.9% of the U.S. GDP. Agriculture, which in 1933 made up 28% of GDP, currently makes up only 1.2% of GDP. The wealth of any country is primarily created at first from the production of food, oil and precious metals. Secondly, wealth is created from the manufacturing of real consumer goods. After a country generates wealth by producing real things and builds a large domestic pool of savings, it can begin growing a service based economy, just so long as it has enough savings to support it.

During the past decade, an unprecedented number of Americans went to school to become lawyers, because they thought if they became a lawyer they would immediately become rich. 60% of the U.S. Senate and 37% of the House of Representatives are lawyers. The reason we have so many lawyers in Washington is so that they can pass as many new harmful laws and regulations as possible, in order to provide enough work for all of their lawyer friends. All of the needless legislation that is passed each year in order to provide work for lawyers, has the devastating unintended consequence of destroying what little is left of the free market. Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, but it is now nearly impossible for a small businessman with limited financial resources to build a large successful corporation in any sector, because their legal costs would eat up all of their profits.

Many law students got suckered into going to law school due to deceptive marketing practices. Some law schools are advertising that 90% of graduates are employed within one year of graduating. Sure, maybe 90% of law school graduates were employed a year later, with half of them working at McDonald’s, but no law school degree is required for that. Schools are using dozens of unethical tactics to manipulate their numbers while encouraging alumni to falsify the surveys they fill out about their employment situation. Just like we are now seeing countless class action lawsuits against mortgage companies that misled customers about the loans they signed up for, we will soon see a massive number of lawsuits filed against colleges that lied about their job placement rates and average starting salaries of graduates. (At least there will be some work for law school graduates.)

Most Americans today are sheep who believe that the key to success and happiness in life is following the same career paths as everybody else. While everybody went to school to become a lawyer, nobody went to school to become a farmer because Americans didn’t see any money in farming. With prices of nearly all agricultural commodities soaring through the roof in 2010 and with NIA expecting this trend to continue throughout 2011, the few new farmers out there are going to become rich while lawyers are standing at street corners with cups begging for money.

The college tuition bubble has been fueled by the U.S. government’s willingness to give out easy student loans to anybody who applies for them. If it wasn’t for government student loans, the free market would force colleges to provide the best quality education at the lowest possible price. By the government trying to make colleges more affordable, they have actually driven prices through the roof. Colleges have been encouraged to spend recklessly on wasteful construction projects, building new libraries, gyms, sports arenas, housing units, etc. Colleges spent $10.7 billion on construction projects in 2009. Although this is down from an average of $14.7 billion per year colleges spent on construction projects from 2005 to 2007, colleges are still struggling to pay off their old construction related debt. When interest rates start to rise, it will add further upside pressure to college tuition prices.

College students borrowed $106 billion in total student loans for the 2009-2010 school year, up from $96 billion in 2008-2009, $94 billion in 2007-2008, $87 billion in 2006-2007, and $83 billion in 2005-2006. Total student loan debt in the U.S. currently stands at $830 billion and now exceeds credit card debt. President Obama’s new student loan bill that was passed last year now makes the government the primary lender to students. By taking the free market out of the student loan business and allowing students to receive loans from the government at artificially low interest rates, colleges will be encouraged to spend more recklessly than ever. None of this wasteful spending is doing anything to improve the quality of education in America.

Over a year ago when NIA was filming ‘The Dollar Bubble’ in Los Angeles, violent riots broke out at UCLA over a 32% increase in college tuition (from $7,788 to $10,302). We went to the protest in order to video tape the shocking footage to show you. While we were there, we remember thinking to ourselves, why on earth are these students protesting at all? If tuition is rising by 32% and they are unhappy about it, why don’t they quietly and peacefully enroll someplace else for college next semester? If not enough students enroll into UCLA, the university will be forced to either dramatically cut their costs or shut down. UCLA decided to completely ignore the riots and went ahead with the 32% rise in tuition. Did the students decide to enroll someplace else? Nope, most of them simply took out larger student loans and went back to UCLA. In fact, UCLA reported that they received a record amount of freshman applicants for the next semester.

With all of the technological advancements taking place around the world today, the cost for a college education should be getting cheaper. Americans today can purchase just about any type of product they want over the Internet for substantially less than they can find it in a retail store. When the U.S. dollar collapses and the college bubble bursts, NIA predicts we will see a boom in online education where Americans take all of their courses over the Internet from the comfort of their own home at a fraction of the cost of traditional college.

Later this year, NIA is going to be producing a documentary about America’s college education crisis and the college tuition bubble that is about to burst. In the weeks ahead, NIA is going to begin searching for people who deserve to be featured in our documentary. If you are a college student, a recent college graduate or a current or ex-college professor with an extremely shocking, interesting and important story that the whole world needs to know about in what will be the most viewed college documentary in world history, please send an email to [email protected]. We would also love to hear from any NIA member who has any ideas of topics that we should cover in this new documentary. Please send all ideas and suggestions to [email protected].

This will truly be one of the most important documentaries NIA has ever produced. We need to change the mindset in America that only those with college degrees have any chance of becoming successful. Americans have become so brainwashed that even after graduating college with over $50,000 in debt and not being able to find a job, many of them are wasting even more years of their life and getting even deeper into debt to attend a graduate school for a master’s degree that is just as worthless as a bachelor’s degree. It is like comparing a $10 bill (master’s degree) to a $1 bill (bachelor’s degree), they are both worthless pieces of paper with no intrinsic value.

NIA believes that any recent high school graduate with $30,000 saved for college who invests that money into silver and becomes a minimum wage apprentice for the next 4 years, will likely have enough money in 4 years to buy a median priced U.S. home. Not only that, but they will have work place experience that is far more valuable than the worthless college degrees of any of their friends. We must work hard to educate America to the truth if our country is going to have the wherewithal to survive the upcoming bursting college bubble and Hyperinflationary Great Depression.

It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at: http://inflation.us



By: AJ

This article focuses solely on the crimes committed by Jared Loughner. Sheriff Dupnik is the chief law enforcement officer in Pima County; therefore, these unanswered questions are directed to him. What stands between violent criminals and innocent people? Local law enforcement who bravely protect and serve.

Why did Sheriff Dupnik’s office fail to enforce the law upon Jared Loughner’s first threat of violence? How about the second, third or fourth threat of violence?

Why didn’t Sheriff Dupnik make inquiries about Loughner when reasonable suspicion arose from Loughner’s threats of violence?

If Sheriff Dupnik had spent 15 minutes inquiring about Loughner, he would have learned that Loughner’s violent threats were supported by evidence that was in plain sight. He would have learned of the fear Loughner instilled in others (e.g. the professor and students at Loughner’s school), his illegal drug use and his mental instability.

With a relatively quick search on the internet, Sheriff Dupnik might have seen Loughner’s videos, or seen that he was one of only two subscribers on Congresswoman Giffords’ YouTube page.

Even if Sheriff Dupnik didn’t think to check the internet, he still had the opportunity to hold Loughner for 72 hours to undergo a mental evaluation or, at a minimum, place Loughner under surveillance due to his threats or drug use – both of which are illegal.

Why didn’t Sheriff Dupnik contact Congresswoman Giffords and provide security for her well-publicized event when the Sheriff knew there was a person on the street that made repeated threats of violence and was in need of a mental evaluation based upon the evidence his office already had in their possession?

Is Sheriff Dupnik aware that if he had done his job and required a mental evaluation, Jared Loughner would have been placed on a list prohibiting him from purchasing a weapon and the heinous crime committed by Loughner might not have occurred?

Let’s recap… a criminal record, threats of violence, mentally unstable, instilling fear in others and illegal drug use… Weren’t any of these enough to motivate Sheriff Dupnik to do his job? We’re also just learning today that the police were sent to Loughner’s home on more than one occasion before he murdered and wounded innocent people – but we’re not learning this from Sheriff Dupnik.

Is Sheriff Dupnik negligent, or is it more accurate to say that he is incompetent?

Does Sheriff Dupnik know that from the time of his first press conference until now, people expected to hear facts… specific factual information that’s conveyed at all press conferences given by law enforcement officials?

Loughner’s criminal record is supposed to be available to reporters, but Sheriff Dupnik is withholding that information from the press and the public. Sheriff Dupnik also refused to reveal those facts when asked at the first press conference. Since then, Sheriff Dupnik has persisted in his failure to provide criminal information on Loughner.

As the Sheriff of Pima County, he instead chooses to use the media for his ridiculous and irrelevant rants which have nothing to do with factual evidence on Loughner, the crimes he committed or the innocent victims and devastated families. Why?

Relative to evidence, why is Sheriff Dupnik now backtracking with regard to the violent threats Loughner made? Why is he withholding information from the public? Also, when he appeared certain in his first press conference that Loughner did not act alone, why did he later state the opposite?

To make a mistake is understandable, but for a Sheriff to do nothing when ample evidence of danger was fully available to him, to withhold information after the fact and to be wrong on every critical aspect of a horrific crime is inexcusable.

Again, I ask… is Sheriff Dupnik negligent, or is it more accurate to say that he is incompetent? Either one makes him unfit to serve as a Sheriff.

An independent investigation of Sheriff Dupnik and his office needs to occur immediately.

Anything less is a grave injustice to the victims, their families, the residents of Pima County and all of us who care deeply about what’s happened to Congresswoman Giffords and everyone victimized and devastated by the unspeakable criminal acts that Loughner committed.