Financial News Update – 1/12/11

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Dissent Will Survive Fallout from Arizona

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America’s Enduring Strength

Hat Tips: Jean Stoner/Nancy Jacques/Brian B.

I think the world of Sarah Palin. She has truly touched America’s heart and connected with the American people. It is why the left hates her so – she scares the bat shit out of them. The more they smear her, the more I resolve to vote for her. Go Sarah!

Sarah Palin: America’s Enduring Strength

Bookworm Room: What really irks me is that I, as a California taxpayer, pay this guy’s salary

Jawa Report: Hey, Let’s Kill Sarah Palin!

The Hill: Palin accuses media of ‘blood libel’ in Giffords shooting aftermath


Communist Party USA Amps Up Smear Campaign Against Patriots

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The Communist Party USA is wasting no time exploiting the recent tragic murders in Arizona to amp up its vilification campaign against the Tea Party and patriotic politicians and media personalities.

They realize they have a golden opportunity here to do their enemy some real damage.

This is a great case study in how communist propaganda works – take an emotionally charged event, deliberately ignore or falsify the evidence and vilify your opponent from multiple directions.

Here’s Communist Party leader Sam Webb with Let’s put blame where it belongs: right-wing extremism:

The trail of evidence leads in one direction and to only one source: right-wing extremism.

And people should not be shy in saying this. We should pin the “tale” on the real donkey! We should name names. Nothing is to be gained by evenhandedness. In fact, in obscuring the truth, it is a disservice to the American people.

Truth is: it is misguided when someone on the progressive side does this, for it clarifies nothing in the minds of millions, who are looking for an explanation for this dastardly act…

In the wake of this horrible episode of Arizona violence, we can expect more of the same, but democratic-minded people should roll back the fog, attach blame to those who are responsible for the politics of hate and lies, and name names.

Next up is Chicago Communist Party leader Pepe Lozano with Sheriff, labor leaders: Right-wing extremism spurs violence:

Civil discourse and hate rhetoric displayed by right-wing extremists on national airwaves played a role in the Tucson, Ariz. shooting, say labor leaders and Clarence Dupnik, the Arizona sheriff who is investigating the tragic shooting on Saturday.

“The kind of rhetoric that flows from people like Rush Limbaugh – in my judgment he is irresponsible, uses partial information, sometimes wrong information,” the sheriff told ABC News. Dupnik, the Pima County Sheriff in Tucson added, “Limbaugh attacks people, angers them against government, angers them against elected officials and that kind of behavior, in my opinion, is not without consequences.”

Even crazier is Rutgers history professor and Communist Party member Norman Markowitz with The Arizona Murders and the Political Culture of Fascism:

Let me start by saying that the CPUSA’s statement correctly links the shootings to the political climate engendered by the ultra-right – not supported by the overwhelming majority of Americans at all – but hypocritically encouraged by “respectable” right-wing politicians like Palin, Tancredo, etc. is at the center of what has happened.

Let’s use the F word—fascism, because that is the only word which makes sense in understanding these events. Fascism is about these sorts of acts for its shock troops, not necessarily for the businessmen and politicians who use such shock troops to sustain and/or augment their power.

In the U.S. we are bombarded with a kind of “fascist talk radio” filled with assertions about Communist-Socialist control of the Obama administration, that President Obama himself is a “Muslim” or “Communist” or some mixture of the two, that there are “death panels” waiting to round up senior citizens under the new health care law, and that the administration is aiding and abetting millions of illegal immigrants to enter the U.S and take jobs and benefits away from citizens.

The appeals of these groups, including the so called “Tea Party,” to America’s revolutionary past are no more honest than Mussolini’s attempt to identify his reactionary movement with the socialist Garibaldi and other 19th century Italians who established the Italian Republic.

We can and must stop the Palins and their ilk from going back to business as usual, not only because it encourages psychopaths to act out their political fantasies, but because the policies they push are based on rejecting reason, modern science, and social reality. They are more dangerous today because the Obama administration is not, like its predecessor, humoring them. The more we see them even as “extremists” not the legacy of 30 years of reaction, which President Obama was elected to get our country away from, not a potential not so friendly American fascism, the more we fail to understand the threat that they pose and prepare to take action against them.

Patriotic Americans must not be intimidated by these deliberate lies. They must not cower, retreat, or take on any of the false sense of guilt that the left will throw at them in bucketsful.

Remember, you didn’t start this war on your Constitution – the left did. You are fighting to defend your country and should never apologize for doing that with passion and vigor.

By all means purge any violence prone people from your organizations and report them to the authorities. But never, never be intimidated from defending your children’s heritage.

Now is the time to stand even stronger in the defense of the Republic. Free speech, your right to bear arms and even your rights to assembly and association will come under even more vigorous attack if the left’s lies are not boldly challenged.

Real America, stand tall, the free world depends on you.



By: Fern Sidman

On Sunday afternoon, January 9th, “Stand With Us,” the pro-Israel student advocacy organization, staged two counter-protests in New York City, as they faced off against hundreds of seething Hamas supporters and anti-Israel apologists assembled for vitriolic demonstrations in New York’s Herald Square and outside of the Israeli Consulate in midtown Manhattan.

Spearheaded by Al-Awda NY – The Palestine Right to Return Coalition along with a litany of similar far left radical offshoots such as the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, American Muslims for Palestine, Siege Busters Working Group, Existence is Resistance, ANSWER – NY and the International Socialist Organization, the demonstrators marked the two year anniversary of Operation Cast Lead which saw an Israeli incursion into Gaza; with the focus being the deterrence of Hamas sponsored rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. Calling for an “end to the occupation of Palestine” and railing against purported “IDF atrocities” against civilians in Gaza, the demonstrators held aloft signs declaring, “No US Aid to Zionist Racism and Murder!,” “Bring Zionist War Criminals to Justice!” and “Free Palestine.”

“In the last two years since the bloody massacre on Gaza, the Zionist aggression has grown exponentially, with the backing of US imperialist forces,” Ali Hussein, a spokesman for Al-Awda told the crowd. “The US continues to block international bodies from pursuing the findings of war crimes during the attacks laid out in the Goldstone Report and we are here today to tell the world that our battle against the Israeli occupation forces will never end until the illegal and morally repugnant Zionist entity is defeated,” he continued.

Chanting, “Free, Free Palestine” and “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free,” the demonstrators marched through midtown Manhattan to the Israeli Consulate where they continued their rally.

Countering the anti-Israel forces were close to 100 activists representing “Stand With Us.” On display at the counter demonstration were two rockets that were fired from Gaza into Israel’s southern towns since it’s withdrawal in 2005. Pointing to the rockets, Avi Posnick, the Stand With Us regional coordinator for the New York chapter said, “These rockets are among the 8000 fired into Israel by Hamas terrorists in Gaza and it is because of these rockets that Israel targeted the terrorist and weapons smuggling operations during Operation Cast Lead in December of 2008.”

Citing the fact that in 2010 another 235 Hamas sponsored rockets have fallen on innocent civilians in Sderot, Ashkelon and other Israeli towns, Posnick said that “Despite all this, Israel permits tons of food and supplies into Gaza through its crossings every day – calling into question the incessant and baseless accusations that there is a humanitarian or hunger crisis in Gaza. If we want to talk about peace in the Middle East, we must confront the agitprop emanating from the Hamas propaganda machine that is taking place across the street from here and declare to the world that it is Hamas terrorism and incitement that represents an impediment to peace, not Israel.”

The pro-Israel demonstrators held signs saying, “Israel: We Stand With You,” “Stop Palestianian Terrorism; Teach Peace” and “Israel Wants Peace, Hamas Supports Terror.” These signs are also part of the “Say Yes to Peace” campaign that Stand With Us launched to counter anti-Israel ads in Seattle and San Francisco. New York State Assemblyman David Weprin addressed the pro-Israel contingent by asking some simple questions. “What if rockets were fired at New York? What would the reaction of the United States be? Israel has the right to defend herself just as the United States does and we are here today to support the freedom-loving State of Israel in her continual battle for survival against those bent on wanton terror,” he said.

Chanting “Stop Hamas Now” and “Israel Wants Peace, Hamas Wants War,” the Stand With Us activists continued their vigil until early evening and vowed to return to square off against others planning similar anti-Israel protests. Said David Ruchlamer of Brooklyn, New York, who attended the counter protest, “The facts on the ground are quite clear for anyone who has eyes to see. The Palestinian Authority refuses to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state, so real and enduring peace is just not attainable. Israel cannot be compelled to make any further territorial concessions with an enemy who is devoted to its complete destruction.”


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