Texas Needs Brown Shoes Fighting EPA

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

The EPA is intent on taking over Texas’ permitting authority as the new year brings about significant mandates to power plants and larger industrial complexes according to an article posted on Fuel Fix blog by Matthew Tresaugue. Texas has refused to go along with EPA mandates based on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. The EPA based its mandates on the IPCC report and continues to back them as if man made global warming, primarily CO2, was a leading contributor to greenhouse gasses and was a settled science or closed issue.

You might recall how the IPCC report was shot down for using tainted scientific data, altered or manufactured to suit their needs, by a close knit community of environmental “scientists” involved in moving the agenda of man made global warming forward rather than conducting unbiased testing and recording of data.

Climategate and other reputable scientists have exposed the IPCC report for the fraud it represents and yet the EPA continues to pursue an agenda which would destroy American tools of industry through unnecessary and unwarranted constraints on energy production and consumption. Many scientists have jumped ship from the environmental movement and conceded that man made global warming is nothing more than an attempt to redistribute wealth.

Tresaugue’s article included a glimpse of the environmental movement, the folks intent on moving the “religion” of man made global warming forward.

“The ruling is just the latest chapter in what is a spirited fight between Texas and the federal government over the way the state regulates air pollution. The new rules on greenhouse gases would have a profound impact on Texas, which pumps more carbon dioxide into the air than any other state.

Three strikes should mean ‘you’re out’ in this case,” said Steve Cochran, vice president for climate at the Environmental Defense Fund, an advocacy group. “If Texas put half the effort into carrying out greenhouse gas pollution control measures that it put into fighting them, EPA would not need to be involved.”

What is the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and what kind of folks are running it? Glad you asked! If you visit their website, all manner of clues can be found.

“EDF today has more Ph.D. scientists and economists engaged in advocacy than any other similar organization. Our biologists and chemists are deeply involved in the most critical environmental challenge of our time, global warming.

Our work is directed by chief scientist Dr. Steven P. Hamburg, who has served as a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, formed in 1988. Since our founding, our science-based efforts have influenced government and corporate policy to produce winning results:

Advancing public understanding of climate science. EDF climate scientists played a key role in highlighting the urgency of global warming. Today the national dialog has dramatically shifted from whether human-caused global warming is real to nuts-and-bolts policy discussions on how to reduce its impacts. Our scientists’ analysis is helping shape climate policy goals at every level of government.”

If those three paragraphs were all you ever read about EDF it would be enough to dismiss anything they have to offer. Their chief scientist and spokesperson not only helped draft the IPCC report; he was the lead author of that report, a report which is full of unsupportable data and outright manipulation of data. Instead of searching for scientific data, the EDF’s agenda is to “shape climate policy goals at every level of government” based on the assumption that man made global warming is a done deal.

Steve Cochran of EDF compared Texas’ battle with the EPA to a batter getting called out on “strike three” as the recent battle with a three judge panel failed. I’m willing to wait for the next batter; but instead of wearing cleats when he comes to bat I’d suggest a good pair of brown shoes, sure is getting deep on the playing field.

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Word-Salad of Hate at Oakland Vigil for Tucson Victims

By: Zombie
From: The PJ Tatler

I just got back from a vigil held this evening in Oakland to honor the victims of the Tucson shooting. The vigil was held in front of Oakland City Hall and was advertised as being “a nonpartisan event” where we would solely “express solidarity with the victims” — which is why I choose this particular event to attend, so I wouldn’t have to endure a lot of malicious blame-mongering.

Unfortunately, the atmosphere was sullied by speaker after speaker — including Representative Barbara Lee and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan — who managed to avoid naming names but lashed out at vague villains who have “created an atmosphere of hate” through “violence-tinged speech and images.” Fortunately, these inappropriate partisan jabs were balanced by the more honorific speeches by various pastors and ministers from the Oakland area.

And then everything went sour when the MC introduced someone named Roy Wilson, Program Director of Oakland’s Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center. At the climactic moment of this supposedly non-partisan event honoring victims, Mr. Wilson uncorked a rambling word-salad monologue that not only specified the bad guys by name, but devolved into a semi-coherent rant about social justice and racism and more mind-bending mixed metaphors than have ever been crammed into one paragraph.

read it all…