Word-Salad of Hate at Oakland Vigil for Tucson Victims

By: Zombie
From: The PJ Tatler

I just got back from a vigil held this evening in Oakland to honor the victims of the Tucson shooting. The vigil was held in front of Oakland City Hall and was advertised as being “a nonpartisan event” where we would solely “express solidarity with the victims” — which is why I choose this particular event to attend, so I wouldn’t have to endure a lot of malicious blame-mongering.

Unfortunately, the atmosphere was sullied by speaker after speaker — including Representative Barbara Lee and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan — who managed to avoid naming names but lashed out at vague villains who have “created an atmosphere of hate” through “violence-tinged speech and images.” Fortunately, these inappropriate partisan jabs were balanced by the more honorific speeches by various pastors and ministers from the Oakland area.

And then everything went sour when the MC introduced someone named Roy Wilson, Program Director of Oakland’s Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center. At the climactic moment of this supposedly non-partisan event honoring victims, Mr. Wilson uncorked a rambling word-salad monologue that not only specified the bad guys by name, but devolved into a semi-coherent rant about social justice and racism and more mind-bending mixed metaphors than have ever been crammed into one paragraph.

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