3 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper vs Congressman Cohen Debate: Is Comparing Republicans To Nazis Out Of Line?

  1. No user responded to date, probably because the question is insipid and the answer painfully obvious to anyone who’s not a journalism major. Yes, of COURSE it’s out of line, and it’s rather insulting that such idiocy be presented as if it’s a valid opinion rather than overblown hyperbole designed to raise someone’s blood pressure.

    Rather pitiful that someone has to point this out to you all; I thought this would have been pulled by now.

  2. No one has to point it out to this blog. We post video here to inform Americans as to what the Marxists and progressives are up to.

  3. If that’s the case, I’ll stand corrected and apologize for not seeing the thrust of the headline. However, letting the headline stand for itself is a bit misleading – at least to me, it is!

    Cheers, and keep up the cause…..

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