2 thoughts on “Dem Leader Clyburn Invokes MLK; Says Obamacare Is Civil Rights Act of 21st Century

  1. So Rep Clyburn evident beleives in Involuntary Servitude (thats a civil term for Slavery) in violation of the 13th/14th amendment…..

    Medical treatment and related drugs/technology are good and services provided by one citizen to another…..

    Therefore, if you feel that the government is empowered to use force and coersion to make all the doctors, nurses, drug providers, etc provide these products and services to you (even indirctly by confisicating the money to pay them via taxation) what you essentially are advocating is a form of Serfdom or slavery for those in the medical profession….

    Sorry, medical care (or the payment by others for your medical care) is not a “right” in any sense of the word!

    Furhtermore, government cannot “create” rights – it can only infringe upon them!

    Our inalienable REAL rights (life liberty and the pursuit of happiness/property) are bestowed to us as part of our hummanity and cannot be taken away or abridge by any illegal, unconstitional, and immoral government power grab like ObamaCare!

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