2 thoughts on “UN Agenda 21 – In your face.

  1. Good to remember the EPA is not a federal law, its an agency! Great interview – wake up America!!!! States rights!

  2. I think there was a Federal law, a land grab smmer ’09. I think they can now do this in all states. for all waterways even seasonal streams. They don’t need our guns – they control the water and with the new legislation – the food supply. Via inflation they can suck out all our money too. There is a John Maynard Keynes quote that the government by means of the Fed and the inflation rate, have a hidden tax/mechanism to consficate ass much of people’s wealth as they decide to. When they print more money and cause inflation we loose our buying power and our bank accounts. Gee, food and water on their terms and money all gone to via inflation. Inflation can be managed purposefully by government. What do they even need our guns for??

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