Just Seein’, Just Sayin’

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Special thanks for contributions from Jean Stoner, Nancy Jacques and Brian B.

In a post-9/11 America, we have all learned to be vigilant. To keep our eyes open and watch what is going on around us. I personally don’t know anyone who has not had this ingrained into his psyche over the last 9 1/2 years.

But there is a HUGE difference between being vigilant and being an informant on your family, friends or neighbors. The road to tyranny beckons Americans as our ever-more Marxist leaders steer us to a form of government that will be all-controlling and all-seeing. America bears little resemblance now to the country I knew, loved and grew up in. There is an ever-present feeling of anxiety, fear, foreboding and depression hanging over the citizens of what was once the freest nation on the planet.

Our present day police state started out with Americans just wanting to feel safe again. We embraced the Patriot Act because we thought it would protect us from terrorists. Unfortunately, we didn’t learn until recently that the Patriot Act was actually penned long before 9/11, during the Clinton Administration. Many warned that it could be turned against Americans and this turned out to be true. Since Obama was elected, regulations concerning American citizens and their supposed ‘safety’ have exploded in number and what Obama can’t get through Congress, he just writes an Executive Order to accomplish his desired result. And believe me, Cass Sunstein is there advising him all the way, nudging us into a regulatory hell that will squish our freedoms into non-existence.

From the TSA, to cameras placed in major cities and security towers placed strategically in front of stores or meeting places; from National IDs to security points in malls and railway stations, we are being stripped of our liberties one by one. And let’s not forget the IRS who is now encouraging people with cash rewards for turning on people they know and turning them in. Big Sis wants you to report anything suspicious and stores like Walmart are lining up to help her with government propaganda spread over monitors at checkouts. The list is getting longer and scarier by the day. We are one terrorist act from martial law, whether it occurs in actuality or is authored by our new overlords.

DHS is evidently now skirting that pesky 10th amendment by setting up state centers where individuals can report anything they find strange or worrisome. The state of Oklahoma is a great example. And while they are it, they can map their neighborhoods for an emergency or more likely to make it easier for Big Brother when he comes knocking on your door. Most of these centers are already in place, many with grants awarded during Bush’s presidency. But now, with free flowing government money, look for this to kick into high gear. It’s for the good of the collective, don’t you know…

From one of the pages on the Oklahoma Site:

2. Staying alert is NOT about becoming paranoid. Staying alert is being aware of one’s surroundings. Be alert to indications of possible trouble. They may include:

  • A local activity that could indicate problems in your community. (One of the clues that led to the recent break-up of a terrorist plot was that several of the cell members were spotted celebrating in an apartment complex on the anniversary of 911.)
  • Previous activity or crimes.
  • Controversial issues being debated.
  • Suspicious thefts.

Wrap your head around that one for a moment. But relax, you are probably only ‘suspicious’ if you don’t agree with the government. Wait…

The NSA is opening a data center in Utah. It’s not hard to figure out that this has to do with cyber security and cyber warfare. It brings more jobs to Utah, but alas… Once you let the demon in the door Utah, he will have his due.

The following states/districts now have DHS Fusion Centers:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

Our Republic is under attack by our own government. If Americans do not wake up soon and see the progressives and Marxists among us, we will no longer be a free nation. China is waiting in the wings, rubbing their hands and licking their chops in glorious anticipation of America as a prize for the taking. So I’m taking DHS’ advice to heart folks – just seein’, just sayin’. But mine will be to America at large, not our self-ordained rulers.

And now, a sample of DHS’s new ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign:

DHS Video No Reservations – Extension of “See Something, Say Something” program. This video equates people who use cash or have a distrust of credit cards as suspicious and potential terrorists.

DHS Video Retail Sector – Extension of “See Something, Say Something” program. This video instigates paranoia by turning everyday activity into potential terrorist warning signs.

DHS Video Bag check– Extension of “See Something, Say Something” program. This video shows that anyone attending public events will be under the scrutiny of DHS.



By: Fern Sidman

Herbert Zweibon, the founder of Americans For A Safe Israel (AFSI), a major political support group for the Jewish communities of Judea, Samaria and the Golan, passed away in New York after a brief illness on Thursday January 20th, at age 84.

Founded in 1970, as an American counterpart to the Land of Israel Movement, AFSI’s platform promulgates Israel’s historical, religious and legal rights to the territories won in the 1967 war and has consistently argued that a strong territorially defensible Israel is essential to U.S. security interests in the region and that “land for peace” is a delusional policy.

A beloved Jewish activist known to many both in Israel and the United States, Mr. Zweibon will be best remembered for his generosity, kindness and tireless devotion to the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

In a 2007 interview with The Jerusalem Post, Mr. Zweibon said, “It makes little difference to us whether the government of the United States or the government of Israel believe that they can somehow compromise with the Muslim community. This just will not happen.”

Helen Freedman, executive director of AFSI in New York City said, “Mere words do not seem adequate enough to describe the legacy of Herb Zweibon. He was an exceptionally magnanimous man who lived and breathed the security and well being of Israel and he was totally dedicated to his beloved family, his friends and the entire Jewish nation. It is with a heavy heart that we must go on without his ebullient presence. He was a dear and loyal friend and I will miss him terribly.”

“Herb was a righteous man, and he will be sorely missed,” said David Wilder, spokesman for the Jewish community of Hevron. “Herb’s love for Israel, for the state of Israel, for Eretz Yisrael knew no limits.” He praised Zweibon’s generosity as well, noting that he continued his financial donations as usual even during the global financial crisis.

Mr. Zweibon encouraged support for Israel from all peoples, irrespective of religion affiliation, race or nationality and as such, AFSI has fostered working relationships with pro-Israel Christian leaders as well.

Long time Jewish activist and radio personality, Charlie Bernhaut, a close friend of Mr. Zweibon for many years said with great emotion, “I have never met a more devoted man in my life. Herb was someone who served in the American army and had a fierce loyalty to the United States and its cherished democratic principles and at the same time his support for Israel’s right to maintain a Jewish presence in the liberated territories was absolutely unyielding.”

As an ideological disciple of the legendary Revisionist-Zionist leader, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Mr. Zweibon made it his priority to educate new generations of Jews and supporters of Israel on the teachings of Jabotinsky. One of his last public appearances at an AFSI event was in the summer of 2010 in which he hosted the annual Jabotinsky Yahrzeit commemoration at the Park East Synagogue in Manhattan. He spoke of Jabotinsky’s prescience and called upon Jews throughout the world to heed his message of a strong and unapologetic State of Israel.

To this end, AFSI, under Mr. Zweibon’s leadership initiated a very special essay contest dedicated to Jabotinsky’s memory in which Israeli high school students would participate. In December of 2010, awards were presented to the 15 winners of the 2010 Ze’ev Jabotinsky National Essay Contest at the Knesset building in Jerusalem.

Mr. Zweibon said the essay contest “marked the culmination of a 10-month effort to rekindle an intimate relationship with Zionism among Israeli youth, undermined by decades of high school teaching that made Zionist history and their attendant heroes hostage to universalist myths and ‘narratives,’ that smacked of blatant ant-Zionism.”

David Wilder of the Hevron Jewish Community said that AFSI was “one of those rare organizations which I can define as pure. Without any hidden agendas, without any need or desire for anything for itself, AFSI simply helped Israel; Judea and Samaria included.”

Mr. Zweibon is survived by his beloved wife Shiela, his three sons, Kenny, Mark and Donald and five grandchildren.