Great Depression Cooking: Poorman’s Feast

Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques

An Internet entrepreneur in her 90s teaches people today how to prepare the kinds of meals they ate during the Depression. Below is one example, though she has many other videos. She also has a book, Clara’s Kitchen, that is as much memoir as it is cookbook.

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  2. Pingback: Great Depression Cooking: Poorman’s Feast | CookingPlanet

  3. Problem is, we can’t buy a ham or beef bone to make the broth have any taste. And we certainly don’t have those marvelous “tasty”, healthy, veggies we got from our own gardens.

  4. Thank you, Nancy. My memories are from being a 4-5 year old in WW2. I remember fried boloney. Food stamps to buy staples, not because we were poor, but because there was such a shortage. My grandchildren and Sons’ families have no idea of the great stories from ladies like you, and I don’t tell them my WW2 growing up experiences. But, we didn’t complain, we all just worked together as a community. (Iowa) I remember my Mother making tomato sandwiches for bums traveling the rails. (I think they had our house marked) Gosh, what great lessons we learned. People were just kind to each other…wonder what would happen in today’s world…

  5. Hi GVJane, thank you so much for sharing some of your experiences. You hold a wealth of knowledge. I, too, wonder what would happen in today’s world if a food shortage occurs.

    I hope you’ll share your memories with family and friends (and via the internet) so that people today can appreciate what they have and learn what they’ll need to know when our country faces those types of hardships again… which may actually occur in the near future.

    Again, thanks so much GVJane!

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