4 thoughts on “Young Communists Launch National ‘Red School-Bus Tour’

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  2. I say we weld the doors shut, put the bus on pontoons and send it to cuba.

    the bus does’t look like it will make it out of the parking lot.

    to think they will never make it on a black list, but the rest of patriotic Americans are on some list.

  3. God save us! I hope the get an earful of insults wherever they go. Here’s hoping that bus breaks down and never recovers.

    Hey, Maybe they could pass out those Communist Heroes dolls we saw at Christmas, you know…For Kids!

    “Here, Johnny, this is Chairman Mao, he killed 70 million of his own people. Here, Sally this is Uncle Joe Stalin, He killed 10s of millions of his own people, too–He loved the earth, did it all to stop global warming. We’re against global warming, too. Here’s Pol Pot, he only killed a few million, but he was big on exercise and education–He sent everyone to Re-education Camp.” Etc., etc

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