24-hour deadline to send RR birthday greetings to Nancy Reagan!

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

Photoshopped by Politico

While President Ronald Reagan’s name and visage is being invoked to sell Socialist policies (something that must have him turning in his Simi Valley grave), his own son writes that his father had Alzheimer’s disease while still president.

Poor Nancy. This must be developing into an annus horribilus.

Here’s one way we can let her know that we hold her late husband in higher esteem than this.

Send me your personal birthday message to Mrs. Reagan on the occasion of her “Ronnie’s” special day — his 100th birthday observance coming up on Feb. 6th. We’ll print your messages on patriotic stationery and include it in a package wrapped with a red, white, and blue bow and send it to Reagan family friend Burt Boyar who will hand deliver it to Mrs. Reagan.

Because this is RR’s 100th, I’m sure you’ll want to make this a memorable moment for First Lady Nancy Reagan.

But hurry! DEADLINE to send your birthday wishes is tomorrow night at midnight — THIS FRIDAY, Jan. 28. Send your comments to me at [email protected]

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