New Zealand Marxists Cheer On Egyptian Revolution – Say It Will Spread to Greece, Spain and France

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Video of a January 29 Auckland, New Zealand “Egyptian Solidarity” protest organized by Trotskyist splinter group Socialist Aotearoa.

The first up speaker is rabidly anti-Israeli, die-hard Marxist Green Party MP Keith Locke – who makes the point that any new Egyptian government will be far more pro-Palestinian and far more anti-Israel than the Mubarak regime.

The second speaker is Socialist Aotearoa leader Joe Carolan, a veteran of the Political Committee of the Irish Socialist Workers Party. Carolan claims that the revolution will spread through the Arab world and into Greece, Spain and France. I believe we can take his word for that.

Lifelong Marxists Mike Treen and John Minto also chime in.

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