Understanding the Dialectic – Please Make the Effort to Comprehend the Message in this Video

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The production of this video is not brilliant, but the message is entirely accurate.

To understand communism, you must understand the dialectic. “Progressives” move the world through a dialectic approach that involves periods of pressure, periods of “progress” and just as importantly, periods of strategic retreat. Obama’s “state of the union” speech was a good example of this. Some “centrist,” even “conservative” rhetoric, designed to weaken and divide his opposition in preparation for the next “progressive” assault.

Also the concept of “negation.” Right now both the Chinese and the Russians have “negated” their previous “modus operandi.” When will they “negate” the “negation” and return to more obviously “communist” patterns of behavior? Answer – when they think the time is right to strike a huge and probably fatal “hammer” blow against the U.S.

This video is worth viewing several times, to fully understand the way history is currently unfolding.

Please make the effort. There is much at stake.

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