Financial News Update – 02/08/2011

Michigan Prepares For A Tsunami Of Muni Financial Crises

POP QUIZ: How Much Has Safeway Hiked Food Prices Just Since November? Maybe because Safeway was already ridiculously overpriced?

REPORT: Mubarak To Leave Egypt, Go To Germany For “Health Check” And Hand Over Power

The US’s Egypt Ambassador Just Contradicted And Embarrassed Obama

Bombshell Report Says UK Government Did “All It Could” To Free The Lockerbie Bomber

Israel Is Feeling All Alone

What Does The Muslim Brotherhood Want?

Vegas Takes A Beating From Super Bowl XLV

Is This The Man About To Set Off The Rate Hike Rush That Crushes The World Economy?

Peter Schiff Hyperinflation Survival | J W Rawles (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Peter Schiff Safe Haven Ideas | part 2 (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Islamic flood coming to U.S.? (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Whoa, this is COOL!

Bernanke Bets Commodities Won’t Fan Inflation Concern (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

White House Says It Will Implement ObamaCare Despite Judge’s Declaration that His Ruling Against It Is ‘Equivalent of Injunction’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Three teens shot to death in Mexico, two of them US citizens (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

U.S. Has Secret Tools to Force Internet on Dictators (Hat Tip: Ron The Cop)

India Dives, Europe Slips, And Look What’s Starting To Creep Higher…

Is The High-Yield Market Flashing A Huge Warning Sign

Dear Markets, Get Ready For The QE-Withdrawal Pain

$2,000 Gold And 10 More Surprising Predictions From Credit Suisse

John Hussman: Quantitative Easing Jumps The Shark

Japan, The US, Bubbles, And Deflation

Anatomy of a Blown Trade

Obama Reaching out to Big Business with Chamber of Commerce Speech, but the Battle Will Continue

Yes, They’re Overpaid

The Obama Administration betrays Britain to appease the Russians over New START

Morning Bell: Big Government, Big Business, Big Problem

Preview of President’s Budget Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

A Valentine’s Day Wish for Free Trade

On Those “Draconian” Spending Cuts

Even PolitiFact Admits: President Obama Raised Taxes

GOP hedges on health care funds

House GOPer: Leadership had to talk me into voting for repeal [New rep from WI]

DHS Seizes Websites for Merely LINKING to Copyrighted Material

Righthaven Goes After Pajamas Media, Despite DMCA Agent & Strong Fair Use Case

Document Forgery Factory in Virginia (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Obama Seeks $53 Billion To Fund ‘Secretly’ Bailed Out GE For High-Speed Rail Construction (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

White House Says It Will Implement ObamaCare Despite Judge’s Declaration that His Ruling Against It Is ‘Equivalent of Injunction’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Wyoming, Maine introduce food freedom legislation to combat S. 510

Bernanke’s Big Bet: Soaring Food, Energy Costs Won’t Fuel Inflation

Issa: Obama’s Stimulus Spending Simply Failed

Agenda 21: The Death Knell of Liberty

U.S. slaps down Suleiman

First National Emergency Alert System EAS Test Ordered

Is the President Clueless about how the Economy Works?

Here’s Another Ugly JOLT To The Labor Market

Lessons from Collapse of the Soviet Union

UPDATE 2-Denmark takes $2.8 bln hit as Amagerbanken fails

Two Hedge Fund Managers Charged in Insider-Trading Case, Two Others Make Plea Deal: Feds

Reich: Market Correction a ‘Certainty’

Egypt: As Vague as We Wanna Be – UPDATED


Hey HuffPo Bloggers – Was It Fun Working For Free To Make Arianna Richer?

EDITORIAL: Obama proves Osama was right–When the chips are down, Barack abandons U.S. allies

End Birthright Citizenship (Hat Tip: Brian B.)



‘New normal’ in housing bust


Job openings fall for second straight month

DEATH’S DOLLARS: The abortionist, accused of murders, made at least $1.8M a year

Employees Fired After Forwarding Obama E-Mail; Compared President to ‘Tarball’

Obama’s Claim That He Didn’t Raise Taxes Rejected As ‘Blatantly False’ by Taxpayer Watchdog

Two Texas teens killed in Mexico while buying car

China creates rare earth strategic reserves


Mandatory Arabic Classes Coming To Some Texas Schools; ‘Language Of The Future’

ICE to crack down on 60 CHIPOTLE restaurants in DC



Olbermann announces move to Al Gore’s CURRENT TV

UPDATE: Obama Budget Proposes Broader Unemployment Taxes

Cash-Strapped Schools Send Teachers To Vegas At Taxpayer Expense

UPDATE: Egypt sees largest demos since start of revolt

EU, US partners plan ‘low-cost’ space launcher

Private Company Books Ride to the Moon

GM Said to Plan Bonuses of More Than $3,000

Diamondback Gets $534 Million of Withdrawal Requests

IRS Announces Amnesty to Declare Offshore Accounts

U.S. Lawmakers Probe Exchange Security in Wake of Nasdaq Breach

Fed Requests Comments on Proposals for Dodd-Frank Law

Lacker Says FOMC Should `Seriously’ Re-evaluate Stimulus Plan

‘Heavy Lifting’ to Come as China Leaves Rate Below Inflation

Rich Take From Poor as U.S. Subsidy Law Funds Luxury Hotels

Iran Claims It Test-Fired Anti-Warship Missiles

4 Americans Arrested in Gold-Smuggling Ring

FEC says Bachmann Must Answer for $6M in Donations

INTERNATIONAL CRISIS GROUP (ICG) (All the usual suspects)

Liar Joe Manchin Votes For Obamacare His Second Month in Office

Gross. Horrible Leftist Meryl Streep Plays Lady Thatcher in Smear Job

New Biden motto: “Seize the future”

The return of the small-biz killers: New unemployment benefits tax hikes ahead

Obamacare: The comic book

‘Big Oil’ Rescues ‘Big Moonbat’

Look who makes RomneyCare/MassCare’s waiver decisions (Hint: Rhymes with Ess-Eee-Eye-You)

Obama & the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Bad romance; Update: Fruitcake and sweet talk; plus: O’s What You Must Do For Me moment

10 Reasons Why It Has Become So Soul-Crushingly Difficult To Find A Job In America Today

59.9 Percent? Americans Are Racking Up Huge Credit Card Balances Once Again And Some Of The Interest Rates Are Absolutely Outrageous!

Ashley’s Tragic Story: A Heartbreaking Example Of How The Economic Collapse Of America Is Destroying Lives

6000 Workers Sit In, As The First Suez Canal Strike Has Begun

There’s A Massive Explosion At A Texas Natural Gas Plant: Here’s What’s Going On

North Korea Has Tripled Public Executions Since The Disastrous Currency Revaluation Of 2009

Michael Lewis: This Merill Lynch Analyst (And Zoologist) Saw The Irish Collapse Coming And Was Gagged When He Sent Out A Warning

The Entire US Economy In Three Simple Rail Charts

Islamic Militants Are Attacking Egyptian Security Forces In Sinai

Hey, Are You Watching The Tanking Treasury Market Today?

Shakeup at CBS News: Former Fox News Boss Becomes New President

Capitalism is Dead Says Former Brazilian President


Egypt’s Super-Rich Begin Moving Their Money to Switzerland

Egyptian Banks Open, And The Government Is Forced To Use Cargo Planes Full Of Cash

Why You Need to Own Nickels, Right Now

South Korea must prepare for food crisis

Almost a Total Dollar Devaluation By The Fed

Peter Schiff warns of rapidly-rising bond yield rates.

Silver in complete backwardation

Hillary Clinton calls historic meeting of ambassadors. Wow, 260 ambassadors and counsels in simultaneous transit! Something is afoot, folks. The bottom line is that the world’s governments can print unlimited supplies of currency, but they can’t print food. I anticipate that a regional war or perhaps even global war is just around the corner.

Why America Should Be Driving on Natural Gas

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