Allen West on Multiculturalism

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By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Congressman Allen West speaks to Greta Van Susteren on FOX News following his rousing CPAC address – here’s an excerpt from the video:.

Allen West: “We gotta make the hard decisions.”
FOX News Host: “It’s not gonna be popular.”
Allen West: “Well you know something? When I was a commander in the army, there were some times you made decisions that weren’t popular, but they were based upon the fact you wanted to keep your men alive in combat.”

3 thoughts on “Allen West on Multiculturalism

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  2. It shows clear cut that he is attacking the Muslim culture(s). He forgot that in America we have 57 Muslim cultures at least! Such as the Egyptian, Iraqi, Turkish and the other cultures. I am a Palestinians and I live in Miami and my tow kids prefer to eat Black Beans the most and that being around the Cuban culture. “Melting Bot” is actually means have assorted group of people living together and same society and sharing their own cultures. Allen West thinks that “Jamaican Culture is OK to please his wife and no other culture should be in America.” “Meting Bot” will not be tasty if you take out any of its ingredients and there are no such “American Jamaican maan” Bot! By the way we do have a lot of Jamaican Muslims. Yes we should respect the Jamaican Culture because that what made the American Culture.
    Br. Sofian Zakkout,

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