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  4. By demanding immigration policing laws, Utah has saved itself from further bombardment of economic illegal aliens. By the hundreds and thousands they will leave as they did in the Great State of Arizona, where these people depleted public entitlements. Now they have diverted their attention to Colorado plus other pliable States; welfare cash to pillage So if States do not author laws such as E-Verify and other harsh enforcement treatments, illegal alien eyes will turn towards–YOUR–State and your welfare handouts, taking away from your own veterans, homeless, single mothers, sick and those living in poverty. Look to the Sanctuary State of California that is still suffering from a $24 Billion dollar treasury loss and still being sacked by illegal alien education, health care, public programs and overcrowded prisons.. Taxpayer can investigate truthful illegal alien welfare costs, population statistics and your chance to fax for free the leadership in Washington at NumbersUSA

  5. West is right that we only have room in America for one flag, but I don’t know about language, any more than race or religion. In the Internet Age, language barriers are becoming more and more trivial. Yes, if we keep treating failed corrupt Mexico as a separate country, Islamic terrorists will come over the US-Mexico border, but the solution isn’t to try sealing it, since it’s too long to be sealed, and the costs would bleed us dry. Instead, the solution is to expand it to the seas by incorporating Mexico into the U.S. as several new U.S. states under the Stars and Stripes, under our conditions, with their consent via referendum, for a win-win ending. The steps needed to be taken have already been thought out. Learn about the nonpartisan Megamerge Dissolution Solution by Googling it for urls.

  6. With all due respect TL Winslow, you’re wrong and Allen West is right. We do not want a North American Union; we are a sovereign country and people are free to apply for citizenship legally – as approx. 1 million people do every single year.

    You’re also wrong about why the border can’t/shouldn’t be sealed. It’s costing tens-of-billions for the failed system they’re now using, and those funds are better spent sealing the border. It can and should be done. It’ll also reduce the number of American lives lost – murdered by ILlegals. The border is so easy to penetrate and that’s why terrorists are using that route to gain entry into the U.S.

    Lastly, you should check out the laws in other countries regarding ILlegals. You’ll learn of the brutal consequences other countries impose if a person enters THEIR country ILlegally.

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