Food storage for troubled times.

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Please purchase from Emergency Essentials. They are trustworthy and good people. Click here to shop with EE. I make no money from this. I carry an ad for them at no charge, simply because I want as many people as possible to get food because of what I believe is coming. Please do not wait until the last minute when it is too late.

I buy a few cans a paycheck. When I get extra money, I use that money to buy food and pay debt. I cannot speak highly enough of Emergency Essentials. You can get a free catalog, which is great. You can buy in bulk when they have specials. They have a blog where you can get education on food storage and ask questions. There is also a food calculator on the site to determine what you need. You can also buy in 1, 3, 6 or 12 months quantities. The food is very good and believe me, I am picky.

You and your family’s life may depend on this at some point. Please buy food and store it. It’s common sense and it may save you some day.

If you want the LDS manual, you can get it here. I use it and recommend it. With shipping, it cost me $14.02.

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  2. Thank you for your generous post about our products. We appreciate your conviction and initiative to get the word out about being prepared as well as supporting Emergency Essentials.

    Best regards,

    Emergency Essentials®, Inc.®

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